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Need a couple weeks on a beach to relax and unwind but can hardly afford to take a day off? No problem. Here are a few quick and inexpensive ways to unwind with a mini-vacation.

Have a Pajama Day!

Whether you live alone or with a family, select a day and announce it Pajama Day. The rules are simple. Just clear your calendar and spend the day in your jammies. Think you are too significant and certainly will be missed? Remember that even the most effective leader in the free world takes some time off to hang out at Camp David.

So, sleep (so long as the children will let you), eat pancakes, watch films, read and laugh. If you have children, we bet they will love getting your undivided attention. You’ll be astonished at how an unstructured day with no duties can turn off your stress level.

Enjoy Your Own Private Spa

Day spas are beautiful, but expensive and you still need to get dressed and face traffic to get there. Why don’t you create an oasis of peace in your own house? No commute time and you do not need to think about how much to tip!

The key to transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa would be to set the mood. Put on a tape of your favorite soothing music. Light some candles, with a delicate fragrance. Lay out fluffy towels along with your favorite bath salts and lotions. Turn off the phone, lock the sink and draw into a soothing tub.

Think you do not have time for a long bath? Five minutes in a hot bath in a soothing surroundings will leave you feeling rested and refreshed.

Spend The Night In A Hotel

You’ll be astonished at how a change of scene and regular will help lower your stress level. Pack an overnight bag, select an inexpensive room near either home or office and stay there 1 night during this week. A one-night stay in a hotel has the feel of a holiday, particularly if you use resort amenities such as an indoor pool and Jacuzzi.

If you do not have little ones, treat yourself to room service and enjoy a glass of wine while reading the book that’s been languishing in your nightstand or simply a peaceful conversation. Enjoy the quiet – you deserve it!

Taking the kids along? Make the most of the pool and then a casual dinner out. Keep the conversation focused on preferred holiday moments, past and future.

Take a Mental Vacation

Don’t have time or money for a complete day off or a hotel room? No problem, just take a holiday. First, find a place where you can have five interrupted minutes. Having trouble finding a location? Remember that there’s a reason they put locks on bathroom doors. Next, get comfortable. Slip off your shoes, loosen tight clothing and sit in a relaxing place. Now, close your eyes (complete reading this first, though) and creativity a favourite moment from your past. Perhaps it was at the shore or star-gazing or sitting by a fire.

Concentrate on the smells, sounds and sights at the moment. How the sun felt on your skin at the shore, or the odor of wood smoke from a campfire. Focus on how you felt in the moment. Relaxed, full of a feeling of well-being, at peace.

After a couple of minutes enjoying that particular moment, focus on bringing those feelings of calmness and well-being into the present. Open your eyes, stretch and let yourself enjoy the new, relaxed you. Head on back to the real world, knowing that you could go to this special, peaceful place anytime, anyplace.

The trick to a fantastic vacation is not where you go, how long it is or how much you pay. It’s how you feel throughout the holiday. You are able to conjure that relaxed, happy you anytime. It just requires a little bit of concentration and being prepared to give up your existing stresses, even if it’s only a day or a minute. Go on, have a mini-vacation and unwind.