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Arthritis treatment is determined by the cause of which there are plenty of possibilities. Sexual infections like syphilis and gonorrhoea, rheumatic fever as well as the lung disease tuberculosis can cause arthritis. Physical injuries such as sports injuries or even the simplest problem of how comfortably you put your hand in your computer’s keyboard (if you type for extended hours). Other problems like uric acid and the reduction of calcium may also result in arthritis.

What’s arthritis?

To put it simply, it’s an inflammation of the joints. It’s characterised by pain in the joint that’s accompanied with the inflammation and sometimes reddening. In more severe cases it can affect freedom to the point that it may become extremely hard to move the affected limb because of the arthritis.

The term arthritis is limited to inflammation of the joints, but there’s also rheumatoid arthritis that affects the joints in addition to the muscles, tendons and cartilage in close proximity to the affected joint.

Natuurlijke behandeling

Nature has brought us natural remedies for nearly every affliction and I frankly think nature has a cure for every disease, it’s only a matter of discovering it. Over time man has discovered herbs that can cure their ailments. For many sicknesses, there are lots of different organic herbs that help to prevent, treat, stabilise or heal them. Most herbs have a lot of uses and odds are you will hear the names of some common herbs and not know about all their medicinal and curative properties. Some can be common seasonings or veggies which we use everyday. We will however only say the benefits for arthritis sufferers and mostly ignore the many other health benefits from using these herbs.

Please consult your physician before taking any of these herbs. These herbs can help in arthritis therapy and alleviate some of the discomfort from arthritis:

      • Alfalfa – in addition to being a fantastic tonic that stimulates the appetite, alfalfa will help to alleviate arthritis when a decoration of the ground seeds is used in conjunction with alfalfa sprouts.
      • Angelica – has anti inflammatory effects which makes it effective in combating arthritis. This can be obtained from an extract from the origin diluted with water, taken orally. Care has to be taken when using Angelica as the new roots are poisonous and need to be dried properly before being taken orally. Additionally individuals who take angelica and invest some time in the sun are proven to create a rash.
      • Smeerwortel – has more protein in its leaf structure than any other known member of the vegetable kingdom, the most notable protein of that is alantoin, which assists in cell division. It’s found in the roots in addition to the leaves. Alantoin stimulates the healing of both external and internal injuries as a consequence of it being a catalyst for cell division.
      • Vlas – the seeds of the plant is best known for being high in organic omega 3 oils. Additionally, once the seeds are ready as a poultice, it helps alleviate rheumatoid arthritis and functions as an emollient.
      • Laurel (Bay) – ever since we were children, my grandma used to rub on bay rum whenever we had a fever. It turns out it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The oil extracted from the fruit in addition to the leaves can be utilised as an ointment to help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis.
      • Peterselie – renowned for its culinary applications in salads, soups, fish dishes to name a few. Parsley can also help in relieving arthritis through an extract of the whole plant, taken orally. It’s not advisable for pregnant women, but pregnant women will need to consult their physicians before taking anything outside normal meals.
      • Rode Klaver – an annual plant that’s also utilized to relieve arthritis. This is accomplished via an infusion of the whole plant.


All these herbs have a number of different applications, so using each brings a lot of other advantages. I prefer natural remedies only because the prescription medication may have long term side effects or contribute to dependence following a period of usage. Natural remedies from herbs may even wind up being a cure for your illness or disorder. They contain so many substances, an individual may just be the one to end your problems.

Using the herbs listed as arthritis therapy may provide you the relief you desire; you might already have them in your house or garden so now you’ve found another use for them.