Has a fantastic night’s sleep eluded you recently? Most of us have experienced some nights of tossing and turning. While insomnia once in a while can be tolerated, it’s been discovered that a lack of sleep and anxiety are related. If you find yourself being wide awake on over an occasional nighttime, it is time to find a solution prior to your stress level starts to suffer.

Changing some of your everyday habits could be the best way to make a major difference in your sleeping habits. Have a look at the do’s and don’ts of a fantastic night’s sleep given below.

The Don’ts

Let’s start with some obvious don’ts. These are things which are well known for disturbing sleep – though some people, are completely unaffected by them.


The caffeine in tea, coffee, chocolate, and certain sodas, could very well be the reason you are sleep deprived. Even decaf coffee has enough caffeine in it to maintain some people bright-eyed at the middle of the night when they yearn to be sleeping.


Having an alcoholic drink near bedtime can disturb your sleep. You may feel that because it makes you drowsy, it is going to allow you to sleep, but that is not generally correct. While you are able to fall asleep easily, there is a great chance you will wake up when it wears off, and then you’ll have trouble getting back to sleep.

Napping Late

The half hour nap shot at 4:00PM could be why you are still awake at 2:00AM. Rather than napping when you feel tired, get up and walk around, or do some light exercise. Then see if you’ve got a better sleep.

The Do’s

The following tips have proven to help many enhance the quality of their sleep.


Get some exercise during the day – whether in the gym, or simply a good 20 minute walk. Doing your workout outside is an additional bonus as you soak in that vitamin D from sunlight rays to brighten your mood.

Note: Make sure you are finished with your exercise at least 3 hours prior to bedtime. That will give your body time to unwind before going to bed.

Supper light and early

Adelle Davis is quoted as saying we should “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. You want the maximum energy out of food in the day time, not the night time. A lighter meal in the day gives your body less food to digest before bedtime.

Note: It’s suggested to wait 3 hours after eating before going to bed. That way the digestion procedure is over when it is time to sleep.

Time to unwind

If you have work in your home to do, decide on a time you intend to close up shop and keep it up. Remember, you will work more effectively tomorrow when you’re fresh. Then just spend some time relaxing and de-stressing. It can be reading, knitting, listening to music or just vegging in front of the TV (probably not the information if you are trying to relax your mind).

Warm shower or bathtub

Either may be soothing and relaxing before bedtime. A bath in a dimly lit room with candles is a fantastic stress reliever. Try adding some aromatherapy.

Sleep Environment

A comfy bed is a fantastic start. If your mattress is less than comfortable, buying an excellent mattress is a worthwhile investment. If that’s not feasible, there are several types of thick, soft mattress pads or feather beds which may just work.

The pillow that’s fantastic for your mind and body is essential. The point is to find a person that does not strain your neck. Your head should not be too high up, or too flat. Pillows are available in many sizes and styles. Whether large, small, soft, medium, business, locate the one that’s perfect for you.

In terms of sheets, most of us have our preferences. Some love the coziness of flannel throughout the year, while others like lace or jersey or soft Egyptian cotton. Flannel sheets are unquestionably wonderful on a chilly night.

Be sure and have enough blankets to be hot, but not overly hot.

Room temperature – not too hot. Try keeping the window open a crack.

Keep lights off, except for a night light, if necessary.

No TV in the bedroom.

A Set Time to Go to Bed

Establish a bed time and do your best to go to bed the same time each evening. If you’re attempting to set up a new bedtime, then ease into it slowly by 15 minute increments every evening.

A Bedtime Routine

We’re creatures of habit. Your body likes routine. Establish your own bed time routine with the aforementioned do’s and don’ts as a guide.

A fantastic night’s sleep is a significant part a healthy lifestyle. When you get your desired sleep, your brain is much better prepared to concentrate on the day’s tasks. When you’ve got a well-rested mind, you’ll end up able to handle stress more readily and have the higher emotional strength to handle whatever comes your way.


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