Zelfgenezende hartchakra meditatie. Vrouw zittend in lotushouding met rechterhand op hartchakra en linkerhand open in een ontvangend gebaar. Zelfzorg praktijk thuis

This is a solid technique that can remove blocks and activate the energy centers. Activating these energy facilities enables ecstatic energy to flow into every part of the body. When ecstasy flows it enriches all aspects of your life- sexual, spiritual and mundane.

The Heart Salutation

Create a quiet, beautiful space where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the phones. Read over the whole practice before beginning, so you understand the practice.

You begin by acknowledging the Divine in each other using a Heart Salutation. Sit across from your partner and look in their eyes. Extend your arms towards the ground, palms together. Then, inhale and maintaining your hands in prayer position, bring them into your heart. Exhale as you bow forward and admit the Divine in each other with the Sanskrit salutation “Namaste.” Namaste means, “I honor the Divine in you as a manifestation of the Divine in me.” Inhale as you straighten back up. Finally, exhale as you allow your hands to go back to the starting position, pointed toward the ground.

The Bubble

Now, you and your spouse create a bubble around yourselves. Do that by waving your arms as you both specify the shape of the bubble that surrounds you. Then, gesture like removing an object from your bubble and share what things you’re removing. These are things that will not serve you in this process (the past, distractions, anger, worry, etc.) Next, gesture like bringing things into your own bubble. These are things which will support you (love, openness, presence, confidence etc.). Creating the bubble can help to call you into present moment awareness and creates a safe space in which to practice.

Share Your Desires, Fears and Boundaries

Once the bubble is made, discuss your intentions/desires, fears and bounds associated with this experience. First, one person speaks while the other person listens without judgment or comment. Then, you switch functions. Here’s an example:

“There’s a desire to remain present, clear and open any blocked energy.”

“There’s a fear is that I will not recall which mantra to say.”

“There is a border is that if you tone into my origin, I’d like you to be a couple of inches away from my body. For the rest, it’s OK to touch my body with your hands.”

Why boundaries? Boundaries aren’t walls, they’re bridges. Intimacy occurs when people have healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries permit you to feel secure, remain open and be current. Boundaries are dynamic, so it’s necessary to check occasionally with yourself to see whether your boundaries have shifted. If they’ve changed, upgrade your partner so that they can honor your new bounds. Here are some examples: “I want to end this practice .” “I wanted to be touched during this meditation.” “If something is not working for me, I will inform you.”

Bija Mantra Chakra Clearing

This practice is done with a partner or could be altered and done alone. One person will get and the other will give. The receiver is determined by the ground on a sarong or blanket, on a massage table or on the mattress. The giver is positioned near the receiver. The giver will be toning the Bija Mantra associated with each chakra in their spouse’s chakra center. As you tone in their chakra, you wish to produce a tube with your palms. Place your lips up against the opening of this tube you have created and make a seal. You may set the other end of the tube against your partner’s body or a couple of inches away (depending upon your spouse’s boundaries.) As you tone throughout the tube, it permits the mantra to travel deeply into the body, clearing and activating the air. Practice a few times until you feel comfortable with the procedure.

How to Tone the Bija Mantras

The Bija Mantras are sacred sounds that resonate with each chakra. “Bija” means “seed” Each Bija Mantra is a particular sound that triggers, clears and amplifies its specific chakra.
The first 5 seed seems rhyme with the word “mother”:

    1. “LAM” (Root Chakra)
    2. “VAM” (Belly Chakra)
    3. “RAM” (Solar Plexus Chakra)
    4. “YAM” (Heart Chakra)
    5. “HAM” (Throat Chakra)
    6. “OM” or “AUM” (Third Eye Chakra)
    7. Silence (Crown Chakra)

The order in which we do the practice differs for women and men. With a guy, you start at the origin and proceed up to the crown since manly energy is related to the sky, consciousness, and emptiness. With a girl, you start at the crown and proceed to the origin, because female energy is connected with Earth, life and embodied bliss.

If you’re doing this practice independently, place your hands over the suitable region and say the mantra. As you tone, send the energy into each chakra with your hand and intention.

Choose who will give and get first. I suggest toning into each chakra 3 times. After each chakra, wait 1-2 minutes to the receiver the fully incorporate each audio. After finishing all 7 chakras put on some meditative music and lie or sit with the recipient, allowing them to incorporate this experience. Finally, take a few minutes to convey your expertise with one another. If you’ve agreed, then change roles.