Vrouwelijke parallelle handen tegen een veelkleurige achtergrond van energie en de Zeven Chakra's die tussen haar handen zweven

Chakras, which imply wheels in Sanskrit, are energy centers running along our spine. Ancient Hindus formulated there were seven of those energy wheels, each one a different colour and spinning in a clockwise direction.

The Seven Main Chakras

All of us have seven main chakras and many minor chakras. They’re like turning funnels which come out from our body. When they’re perfectly balanced and turning properly we’re in excellent health. If one or more are out of balance, too open or too closed we feel off shade, out of equilibrium, or sick. This is what’s called dis-ease. Each chakra relates to organs or regions of the body and every have to be cared for and balanced regularly. You can work on each chakra separately starting with the base chakra, and then bring them into balance, or you can work on all of the chakras at the exact same time.

    • The root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine.
    • The sacral centre is just under the navel.
    • The solar plexus is about two inches above the navel.
    • The center is about the degree of the heart.
    • The throat is in the bottom of the neck.
    • The third eye is on the forehead between the eyes.
    • The crown is on peak of the head.

These are the 7 main chakras and there are lots of minor chakras also.

All chakras interact together. Each chakra corresponds to a certain color frequency and with a specific gland or organ. It follows that the organ or gland vibrates in a sympathetic rhythm into a colour vibration. When we feel “off color” or “washed out” we will need to re-tune the color, exactly like tuning into a radio set to a channel so that it restores the signal loud and clear.

In a healthy body that the chakras consume and disperse color energy evenly, while in an unhealthy individual toxins may start to collect causing bodily, mental and psychological issues.

Each chakra can be balanced with colors, crystals, essential oils, music, affirmations or changing what you do. Additionally it is beneficial to have a chakra balance to bring all of them back into balance. This may be done at home by yourself or you could visit a crystal therapist or color therapist to get it done.

When all of your chakras are balanced – you will be healthy and well balanced.

It’s necessary to get all your chakras in equilibrium, sometimes when folks begin on the spiritual path they focus on the third eye, but it’s extremely important to begin at the bottom. Our body is like a building, you will need to get the foundations right before you work on the top floors. So ensure that your bottom chakras are balanced and working correctly.

Each chakra is represented by a color:

    • Base – Red
    • Sacral – Oranje
    • Solar Plexus – Yellow
    • Heart – Green
    • Throat – Blue
    • Third Eye – Pink or Indigo
    • Crown – Purple or White

How to Balance Chakras?

The simplest way to bring the chakras back into balance is to take or wear the suitable colour.

Another very simple and enjoyable way is to follow a chakra balancing CD. Music or sound is a really relaxing way to bring things back into balance. Ideally this is done while meditating, but just listening to the audio will help. And let’s face it anything is better than nothing. Playing a chakra balancing CD is a excellent way to balance the entire family at exactly the exact same time and generally this has a calming effect on each one as well.

Another simple but effective way to align and balance the chakras is to perform a guided meditation lying down with crystals or color patches of material on each chakra.

Begeleide meditatie

A Guided Meditation for balancing the chakras. You may either get someone to read this for you, or perhaps you read it out and record your personal voice. It’s best read slowly, allowing for pauses where appropriate.

Relax, have a few deep breaths and breathe out all of your stress and tension.

See yourself standing in a valley, you’re surrounded with red tulips, everywhere you look it’s a sea of red.

As you begin to walk though the tulips you are feeling consuming the red energy.

You feel that your root chakra come alive.

As you walk farther you arrive at the end of the red tulips.

You’ve come to a field of orange poppies, they’re everywhere, and the flowers seem to be dancing in the breeze.

As you walk along you notice you’re beginning to go up the side of a mountain.

Walking through the poppies you are feeling absorbing the color orange.