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Mulberry is the name given to plants in the Moraceae family that were introduced into the US from Asia. There are various sorts of mulberry that develop into tall trees or bushes. White mulberry grows incredibly tall while the black kind only grows to a 30 feet . Red mulberry lies somewhere in the center but rarely grows beyond 70 feet.

Mulberry fruits

The tree’s name might get you thinking that it produces berries but that is not botanically accurate. Mulberry trees and bushes create a collective fruit which may be eaten raw. The sort of tree does not dictate colour of fruits produced. White mulberries can offer you lavender, black or white fruit that’s extremely sweet. Black mulberry fruits are highly regarded for the uncommon blend of sweet and sour but reddish trees produce fruit whose tastes are in between. Quality clones of the red mulberry frequently come close in taste to the black types.

White, hybrid and red mulberry fruits are ready for harvesting spring while black is prepared in summer. To find fruit from white mulberry simply lay a sheet on the floor and shake the tree for a bountiful harvest. Black mulberry tree fruits are usually quite a hassle as they readily stain clothes. Once accumulated, mulberry fruits can keep fresh in the refrigerator for several days but only if stored in a covered container. When you’re ready use them to make jellies, wine or tarts and pies. Fresh fruits may also be eaten out of hand. Black varieties make excellent dried fruits.

People who don’t want to eat the fruit or keep collecting it favor planting non-bearing mulberry trees. These are retained for their magnificent foliage and outstanding shade in hot summer days.

Growing conditions

Mulberries need adequate sun and room to develop with recommended distance of 15ft involving trees. It’s not perfect to grow them in sidewalks because the dropped fruit will breed walkways. The trees grow well in hot, well drained soil rather loam. Mulberries are quite drought resistant but you want to water them to stop them from falling fruit before it has ripened naturally. When deciding upon the mulberry to plant, make sure that it’s suited to your surroundings. There are lots of cultivars of mulberry all which may survive in certain conditions and fail in others.

These trees are rather sturdy against insects and diseases but there are a few conditions that affect them. Cankers and perish backs could happen but it is celiac disease that’s really a issue for mulberry fruits in certain areas. Birds may also be a problem since they are very much attracted to the ripe fruit. However since the mulberry trees produce as much fruit you’ll be left with a lot to harvest|to reap after the birds have had their fill.


Mulberries have a reputation of growing very quickly when young but that speed dwindles as they age. The trees often begin bearing fruit at a young age and continue do so well into older age. Black mulberries bear fruit for centuries but red ones hardly live to 75. Most trees increased in landscapes live just an average of 30 years.

Caring for mulberries

Like many deciduous plants that the mulberry requires some pruning to remove dead and overcrowded wood. If you don’t need a mulberry bush, keep things clean by creating a set of primary branches. Heavy pruning isn’t ideal as it may cause the tree to bleed in the cuts. It’s sensible to take a look at mulberry growing regulations in your area prior to planting. This is as they’re considered invasive in some areas where individuals aren’t even permitted to plant new trees. You also need to conduct research into the plants to understand their requirements and offer the ideal environment for growth.

If you observe that the chief branches are dying and drying, it’s most likely the perfect time to remove the tree.


Mulberries are rather a misunderstood plant but that is not to say they aren’t important. Everything from the fruits, foliage as well as dried wood could be sued to enhance daily life. It may be a tasty treat, terrific shade or superb firewood that go to demonstrate that the mulberry actually is a terrific plant.