How many girls were taught that pleasure is sacred, that ALL acts of LOVE, and your sensuality, are good and holy and blessed?

How would your life be different? And what if today, you start thinking and acting from that understanding? … honoring love and pleasure as sacred expressions of your self, your spirit and essence?

Just think: I’m the Goddess. I am the Mother. All acts of Love and Pleasure are my Rituals.

In the early legend, it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil that the woman wanted. She still does. In previous legends, she knew she was great, in all of her beauty, wisdom, sensuality and creative ability.

To reclaim a feeling of… wholeness, a woman must understand that divinity has a feminine aspect as well-that for centuries, in actuality, ancient civilizations worshipped goddesses.

I had been told, and believed, that I had been born in the image and likeness of God. And as I looked in the mirror, a woman in her 30s, that body was definitely female. I needed new pictures and phrases –Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, Spirit of Life, Mother of Living–additions to the cultural standard, to describe the image and likeness of divinity I came to the earth with. She would show me the way to become a Woman of Spirit and Light and Life. This female body and all its earthy, sensual expressions and experiences –and me–are blessed. To come fully to our own, our wholeness, the power and soul of our feminine body and soul, the Goddess-sacred feminine element should come forth.

When I say the female, I do not mean sex. I mean the female principle that’s living-or suppressed-in both women and men. The female principle tries to relate. Rather than breaking off things into parts, it states, Where are we alike? How do we connect? Where’s the love? Can you listen to me? Can you hear what I am saying? Can you see me? Do you care if you see me or not?

The female principle is a different method of operating. If we do not bring this forth, no one will. We women don’t have any idea how much these ways of working and thinking we have, that come so easily and naturally to us, are so foreign to our own brothers. And they want us. We take our manners for granted–and allow others to as well…. to the disservice of all.

These are times of intense change. The female principle is coming, it needs to come forth stronger, to treat and love and much more, and we girls will need to bring it forth. We need to completely understand who we are; to mention, claim, tame, and goal what we deliver and the complete power of healing and love we carry, Many of our brothers will help us; they simply need us to show them the way… because the old ways do not work anymore. They need us to be who we are. We can’t keep trying to be who they are.

Anytime we try to follow a route or a version that is not ours, we feel inadequate, not good enough, that there is something wrong with us, that we do not fit.

That’s been the experience of women, many women.

We’ve been provided a version — in our churches, in our offices, and in our cultural standards — which speaks of and honors the sacred masculine entirely. And because that’s not our experience as women (we aren’t embodied as man), the female has been perceived, spoken of, considered, as insufficient, less than, not good enough, smart enough, or not worthy . All things female were downplayed in worth and value.

The timing of the sacred feminine and the power of the female principle is now… If women are to come into a wholeness of our soul and spirit, and shine our strong healing light of grace, we will need to appreciate, value, and appreciate who we are first. We will need to courageously step to who we are.


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