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A botanist can easily detect a Ganoderma Lucidum as it develops only in trees aging 10,000 years. Most wild Linghzi are tough to find now, so most sellers of Lingzhi opt to increase it in their own gardens or woods.

Benefits of Lingzhi

Linghzhi is the Chinese title for Ganoderma Lucidum; it’s a parasitic existence as it grows in the woods. You can rarely find a wild Lingzhi today, but generally it’s increased in Asia, South America, China, or Korea. It differs in appearances depending on where it’s grown. It belongs to the family of fungi and it is a phylum called basidiomycota, its course is agaricomycetes, belonging to the order of polyporales.

Lingzhi consists of ganodesterone oleic acid, ganoderma acid, lucidenic acid, and ganoderic acid. It is a really strong medicine as most Oriental medical professionals attests as it’s listed as a superior herbal medicine for more than 4,000 years!

Lingzhi is an herb that makes you restore your equilibrium as it has a calming effect. It provides endurance and prevents fatigue whatsoever times. It may also lower your tumor up to 50%, it’s a therapeutic consequences. It may also work against viruses, hypertension, prevents diabetes and protects your liver, kidney and prevents bronchitis. It also helps cardiovascular and HIV patients, and contains a pro-biotic effect!

Lingzhi is found to aid in preventing insomnia, sore throat, loss of appetite, steatites, vomiting, nausea, and hair loss.

The Calming Effect of Lingzhi

Lingzhi is generally combined with Radicis Angelicae Sinensis, Arillus Longan, Radis Paeoniae Alba, and Semen Zyzyphi Spinosae. Do not blended this concoction on your own, as only a trained Oriental Chinese doctor knows precisely the grams required to heal anxiety and restless issues. This product aims at strengthening the heart, blood, and cures insomnia, loss of appetite, stress, as well as senior moments like forgetfulness.

Cure for Asthma and Cough

Lingzhi is generally combined with Radix Codonopsis, Rhizoma Pinelliae, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, and Rhizoma Pinelliae. This concoction aims at calming your lung constriction due to an asthmatic attack. It also loosens phlegm and gives you a fantastic night sleep. This herbal combination is only effective with the perfect dimension by a Chinese Doctor.

Blood Nourishment and Toning

Use pure Lingzhi, since it’s a strong herbal medicine in treating dizziness, fatigue, and sore throat. This time Lingzhi could be obtained as is, usually dispensed in 1 sachet.

Lingzhi also has antineoplastic and immune strengthening chemicals. It raises T-lymphocytes, macrophages and monocytes. It also has cytokine, tumor necrosis, interleukin, and interferon.

Pure Lingzhi may also cure cardiovascular diseases since it reduces body strain and manages heart functions. It is also a potent fighter against E.coli, staphylococci, dysentery, streptococci, and pneumonia. These germs are typical cause of viral disease which escalated to disease.

Current scientific studies in treating hepatitis, skin issues, leukoponia, and frostbite are among those on which pure Lingzhi can heal. However, it is hard to discover a wild Lingzhi as there are few forests present with 10,000 years older trees. Most Lingzhi’s are already implanted.

Making Lingzhi work for you

Oriental medicine focuses on a suitable mix of mental peace caused by proper living, wholesome nutrition, appropriate exercise, and drugs. Otherwise, Lingzhi may not be quite effective.


Lingzhi may lead to vertigo and might cause your body to become acidic when under drugs. If you’re into a severe medicinal therapy make sure Lingzhi medicine is supervised by an authentic Chinese doctor.

Scientific studies

Lingzhi’s medicinal effect was recorded in the Chinese Doctor’s archives and is now currently tested again by modern laboratories.

Studies from Ganoderma, a fungi therapeutic biofactory by Patterson 2006. It records how Ganoderma can cure many ailments as listed in the Chinese herbal archives.

Christopher Hobbs’ collection of medicinal mushrooms. Ganoderma is listed among the very best herbs ever discovered.