Pregnant women are enjoying a relaxing massage in bed at home. To treat and care for the mental health of the fetus Prenatal and Pregnancy Care Concept of Women

Acupuncture is very good for treating many ailments and uncomfortable issues associated with being pregnant.

Prevent Miscarriage

Treatments 1-2 times each week help prevent miscarriage or early pregnancy loss by lowering the action of the sympathetic nervous system, reducing stress, and encouraging blood flow to the developing embryo.

Nausea or Morning Sickness

Depending on the severity of the nausea, 1-5 acupuncture treatments weekly may be required to restore wellbeing and the ability to eat. Often acupuncture is very effective for this condition, particularly if combined with the knowledge and practice of maintaining blood glucose levels consistent during the day.

Spotting (Sub-Chorionic Hematoma)

Acupuncture used with a technique called moxibustion can help reduce or eliminate bleeding from the uterus (depending on the cause).


Many women experience headaches toward the end of the first trimester. Acupuncture is known better for the relief of pain than for any other ailment. If you are having headaches which aren’t just obviously related to dehydration or fatigue, then try acupuncture.


The balancing of several emotional conditions is a main principle of therapy when pregnant women go to practice. Acupuncture combined with singing lessons administered by singing teacher proficient in appropriate breathing techniques is very effective for pregnancy or post-partum associated depression. Sing the blues away.

Onrustige Benen

Acupuncture has shown some promise in relieving the sometimes agonising frustration related to restless legs. If you have it you know all too well the agony mentioned. You may also need more calcium in your daily diet.


Hormones secreted by the adrenal glands cause stress and anxiety. During pregnancy, this may impact the quantity of life giving blood flow feeding the embryo. Therefore reducing anxiety or using techniques like acupuncture to relieve stress is vital.


Again, acupuncture is basically among the best options humans have for relieving pain of any type. Cupping and moxibustion may also be handled when back pain is effecting a woman that’s pregnant.

Labour Prep or Cervical Ripening

Between the weeks of 37-40, acupuncture given once a week helps prepare a woman for labor by boosting vital energy and ensuring smooth flow of blood and emotions during the process. Induction is often not needed when women commit to the cervical ripening acupuncture protocol.

Induction of Labour

Many girls move rapidly into active labour after just 1 acupuncture induction treatment. Sometimes 2-3 are required within 1 week post due date.

Mastitis-Blocked Milk Duct

Acupuncture given fast enough, along with marginally competitive self-massage and herbal compresses, can help hasten the recovery from a mastitis infection. This disease can progress quickly so don’t be afraid to get treatment and do all you can at home too.