Bottles of homeopathic drugs, mineral ingredients and substances for preparation of homeopathic remedies on green background. Homeopathy medicine.

Homeopathy involves using non-toxic medicine for treating illnesses. Several remedies used for homeopathic migraine relief, are available from pharmacies or health food shops. These medicines have been proven to be very valuable, particularly at the start of an attack. If you can identify the particular indicators of your migraine headache; e.g. if they’re worse in the mornings or afternoons, then you’re in a better position to ascertain which treatment would be right for you.


There are several homeopathic migraine relief remedies available, and they’re generally safe. However, because each individual’s makeup and pain differs, then a remedy that benefits one person may not be valuable to another. It’s because of this, you ought to determine the peculiar symptoms of your migraine headache. You may then decide on a treatment that relates to all those indications. If after using the medication for a reasonable time period there’s absolutely no improvement, then discontinue using it, and seek an alternate remedy.

Homeopathic remedies

Natrum Muriaticum

This is normally suggested for migraines that occur on the right side of their mind. Additionally, these headaches are generally aggravated by one or several other factors like exposure to sunlight, and emotional upset. They also have a tendency to be worse in the morning, and the pain is likened to a continuous pounding in the head. Other symptoms include watery eyes, and tingling in the lips and face.


This is useful if you’re experiencing a severe headache with begins close to the eyes and then spreads to the whole head. Any motion of the eyes or mind, will worsen the illness, and individuals also complain of experiencing excessive thirst. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

Useful for the relief of migraine headaches that arise at the rear of the skull or upper neck. The pain can also spread to the temple and forehead. The strikes are more common in the day, and are associated with very intense shooting pains in the head. Other symptoms include drowsiness, sensitivity to light and cold feet and hands.

Nux Vomica

This is normally used for migraines which result from stress and mental strain. The headaches usually occur in the mornings and begin over one eye, usually the left. The headaches are accompanied by gastric problems like constipation, or a bloated stomach.


Normally suggested for migraines that occur on the left side of their mind. These are generally caused by skipping meals. They become more acute near the menstrual period and during menopause. The pain associated with these headaches has been described as being like consequences. Persons normally become irritable and feel exhausted.


Using homeopathic migraine relief remedies has become quite common, as people seek alternatives to prescription drugs for treating migraines. It must be noted that the medication works best when paired with the specific symptoms you have. Particular attention should also be paid to the dose, since this can vary based on the patient and the condition. As long as care is taken, homeopathic medicine can be quite effective for treating migraine headaches.