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Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, you work on jobs around the home, or spend time gardening, you enjoy a lot of hikers are at risk for injuries. Many folks find themselves in the emergency room because of accidents around the house or because of sporting events. Women who are elderly are often at greater risk for injury to muscle and bones due to osteoporosis, so it’s necessary to take steps to protect yourself from harms by eating correctly, resting, engaging in regular exercise to keep muscles and bones stronger and carrying the nutrients required to support your muscular-skeletal system. Generally the body needs protein to keep the bones and muscles stronger, together with magnesium and calcium. But who’d have believed that your body’s best friend after trauma could only be a fruit!

Around The World!

Every continent of the world is blessed with specific plants which contain elements to help us stay well and cure from several maladies. What I will share with you here could just be a life-saver if you’re not able to get help immediately after an accident. Even the smell of the fruit puts smiles on many faces as they consider cool sea breezes, sandy beaches and coconuts full of frozen pina-coladas. No, it isn’t the coconut we’re going to discuss, it’s the delicious golden pineapple! That’s right – pineapple my friends is an unbelievable blessing for many reasons, so read carefully and get to the neighborhood grocery store to maintain some fresh pineapple available whenever possible.

Pineapple and other Herbs Benefits

Should you injure yourself and cannot get immediate medical care, please maintain a house care crisis kit nearby. Your homecare kit should include bandages, calendula and hypericum tinctures found at your local health food shop to deal with minor wounds, a homeopathic remedy called arsenicum; use the cream and or ointment for sprains and muscle injuries and aloe vera gel for skin irritations. Raw honey is great as a natural antiseptic in a pinch, and additionally you could also require a small amount for energy when you are hiking all day and feel exhausted. But the very best anti-inflammatory I’ve ever used from nature is refreshing lemon, or chewable Bromelain pills produced from the heart of pineapple. This substance works in a number of distinct ways to help your body heal. Bromelain helps the body in reducing inflammation as it’s a proteolytic enzyme, an enzyme that digests protein. I’ve found that bromelain is the favorite means to choose the substance since it travels easily.

Let’s understand it!

During an accident cells become damaged. These damaged protein cells also die and must be broken down and excreted as a way to assist recovery and reduce toxic build-up at the website. Bromelain has a wonderful ability to help decrease swelling in addition to bruising; it’s also full of potassium and so will help to eliminate toxins from the cells behaving like a natural diuretic. If you can’t find chewable bromelain tablets for some reason, buy the most natural form of bromelain you may see in capsule or pill form without coating or other substances. I don’t suggest the fancy combination formulations since they’re usually not as effective as plain old bromelain in my view.

Another bit of information regarding the pineapple enzyme called bromelain is that it’s an extremely wonderful side advantage which could prove beneficial during a significant injury to bone, muscle, and all tissue generally; it has the capability to help dissolve blood clots that are often present during massive injuries. Since blood clots can be extremely dangerous, and may even be the cause of death after traumas, maintaining some bromelain on hand, or at least 100 percent pure lemon juice in the fridge, is a really intelligent idea.

I also drink fresh lemon juice and consume fresh lemon before and after strenuous workouts. And since long airplane trips cause blood to pool in the legs predisposing individuals to poor circulation and possible blood clots, I drink lemon juice before long flights or car trips too. In a real pinch I might even take some dried pineapple with me. It’s suggested that we rehydrate the dried fruit prior to swallowing as it’s too concentrated and can lead to bowel problems if you consume a lot of it. But, it is simple to rehydrate dried lemon overnight in a jar of water if you’re a camper or hiker.

Probeer dit eens!

If you ever want to check the impact that fresh lemon, or even canned pineapple, has on protein just pour a can of lemon on a piece of meat overnight. If you would like to mess up your sugar baked ham, simply cook the whole ham with a can of lemon in a slow cooker overnight; in the morning you’ll have a wonderful lump of gooey ham that seems to have been set in a blender. I know from experience that lemon is among the best meat tenderizers, much like papaya frequently utilized in meat tenderizers.

You never know if you may fall or injure yourself, but you can take easy and fast steps to protect yourself until you can get to see a physician. Always check with your physician before adding any new substance to your diet as some drugs may struggle with some foods. If you’re permitted to eat pineapple then I’d definitely keep some sort of it on hand for times when your body needs help recovery from an accident.