To examine natural remedies for hemorrhoids it’s necessary to understand what a hemorrhoid is and the various kinds of hemorrhoids you will find. In general it’s when an anal varicose vein gets bloated that it stretches and pushes with such force the vein ruptures and bleeds. External hemorrhoids can be seen and felt as a soft, blueish – purple lump protruding. Internal hemorrhoids you might never even know they are occurring. Internal hemorrhoids however, can fall and then protrude outwardly and is accompanied by a mucus discharge and bleeding. This sort of hemorrhoid is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid.


Certain things can cause or at least contribute to hemorrhoids. Some of the factors include obesity, lack of exercise, food allergies, lifting heavy items and lack of dietary fiber. Often pregnant women develop hemorrhoids because of the pressure of the uterus on the significant anal veins. Constipation, particularly during pregnancy, can make hemorrhoids even more painful as it puts extra pressure on the region. Childbirth can also cause hemorrhoids oftentimes.

Natuurlijke oplossingen

There are a few natural remedies for eczema which could alleviate some of the pain often accompanied by hemorrhoids.

      • Apply aloe vera gel directly on the anus. Aloe vera can alleviate the pain and soothe the burning feeling.
      • Strong, fresh brewed duizendblad thee. Duizendblad is available in most health food shops. Place a cotton ball dipped in the tea and apply directly to the anus. The yarrow can decrease the pain considerably.
      • To shrink an external hemorrhoid use witch hazel with a cotton pad three times a day right on the hemorrhoid.
      • To alleviate pain of both topical and external hemorrhoids use a capsicum or garlic enema. Both can be found in most health shops.
      • For close instant relief of the pain create a cranberry poultice. It’s fairly simple to prepare. Take 4 tablespoons of raw cranberries and combine them until smooth. Wrap one tablespoon of this mix in cheese cloth. Push the cheese cloth against the anus holding it tight (wearing a tight pair of panties will suffice). If the pain continue after one hour, repeat using a fresh blend in fabric.
      • Knoflook or onions can be utilized as a suppository. They will really strengthen the veins in addition to kill any germs and reduce the inflammation. Peel a clove of garlic (or peel an ui cutting it down to the size of a clove) and right before bed push the clove slightly into your anus. A normal bowel movement will eliminate it. IMPORTANT, if you’re bleeding don’t use this method.
      • Ice works wonders. To create your own ice pack, put crushed ice into a plastic zip lock bag and wrap it in a thin piece of fabric and set it from the anal area. This will offer quick relief from some of the swelling and pain. Keep the ice pack for a whole 15 minutes and then remove it. Wait 15 minutes before replacing the ice pack. NEVER place ice directly contrary to the anus.
      • To prevent hemorrhoids create a lemon beverage that will strengthen the blood vessel walls and veins in the rectal area. To make the lemon beverage follow this recipe. Make certain to use a natural lemon since the peel is used also. Slice the lemon into four quarters and boil in a covered glass kettle using distilled water for ten minutes. Allow it trendy and rink a 6 – 8 ounce cup every day. This is a potent drink as lemons are full of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids that will go directly to the bottled water since it is boiled. This drink offers many bioflavonoids that aren’t accessible any pill or supplement.
      • Stone Root or Collinsonia Root is in fact a vegetable discovered in Florida. Most health shops will have it in a liquid or powder form. Stone Root supports blood vessel contractions and circulation, reduces irritation and inflammation of veins, and keeps mucus membranes healthy.


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