Bollen van knoflook op snijplank en knoflookpers op lichte achtergrond

It had been believed since ancient times that garlic helped to ward off heart disease. The truth is garlic has been proven to not only help fight heart disease but also aid in helping people with indigestion, diabetes and issues with the respiratory system.

Where did garlic come from?

Knoflook came from south central Asia and was present very early in the Eastern Asian region. It came west to the Middle East largely by caravans on a street they called the Silk Road before it arrived in Egypt. The Silk Road was a network of trade routes across the Asian continent, bringing products and wares west. The Silk Road was so named because many times it was used to transfer silk from China.

There are particular ingredients in garlic like allyl propyl disulphide a pale yellow liquid with a strong order that may irritate your eyes, diallyl disulphide that’s responsible for lots of the health benefits of garlic and a few other sulfur compounds.


      • The garlic bulb has many therapeutic properties such as being an antiseptic, in addition to providing protection against dangerous viruses and bacteria. It’s within it compounds that are great for the heart, and daily consumption of garlic can even decrease your blood pressure in addition to help you decrease your cholesterol. Allicin that’s the active ingredient in garlic can also inhibit tumor growth. Obviously the sulfur in garlic gives it this powerful order which lots of people find offensive.
      • Garlic also helps cure Hypertension and clinical studies have shown it both decreases systolic and diastolic pressure. If you choose garlic as a supplement on a daily basis be certain that you get advice from you physician before doing this. Too much garlic can make your blood flow lean in addition to upset your stomach and digestive tract.
      • Garlic can help lower cholesterol and cause you to blood flow better. Again clinical studies have found that garlic can help your blood vessels relax because of the hydrogen sulfide within it resulting in reduced blood pressure. Just a couple garlic cloves on your food daily are terrific for preventing cardiovascular disease.
      • Believe it or not, if you use a few drops of garlic oil on your head, garlic can help combat ear infections. Here is how that works. First mince some garlic and mix it with olive oil. Then warm up the mixture under a very low temperature for one hour and thirty minutes. Then pour the oil mixture through a fine strainer to remove the minced garlic bits. Let the mixture cool and then place it into your fridge. Then every 3 hours or so just warm up a couple of drops and then drop them in your ear. This will also decrease pain and inflammation. When you warm up the drops, make sure that they aren’t hot to the touch. You wouldn’t need to burn your ear, do you?
      • Garlic can help with diabetes too. The Allicin that’s contained in garlic combines together with vitamin B1 to cause the pancreas to release more insulin – a fantastic thing.

How do I use it to get rid of weight?

Alright already, you can lose weight easily with garlic. How? Well garlic is a natural appetite suppressant which can also help regulate your digestive tract.

For breakfast chop up one clove of garlic and mix it with some salsa. Place the mix in a pan and heat it up for a couple of minutes under low heat until warm and nice. Next raise the heat just enough to scramble in 2 egg whites and add a pinch of black pepper. The trick isn’t to cook the garlic too much in the process, the more raw the garlic the better for you.

For dinner only add garlic to anything you a cooking. Chop it up and toss it in with you beef, chicken, or beef. Add it to your vegetable dishes as you prepare them. Garlic makes everything taste better. Just always make sure you throw it in whenever you can. Also remember two important things, Allicin that holds the benefits of garlic is only released when the garlic is chopped up and the less you cook the garlic, the better since raw garlic offers the best outcomes.