Close-up handen van vrouw die boom met hartvorm omhelzen, kopieerruimte.

Have you noticed a hot, sunny day in early Spring can bring out droves of people? After a long winter there’s a strong desire to get outside. We’ve been cooped up in our houses and offices for months, away from sunlight and the outdoors.

Nature Deficit Disorder

This craving for the outdoors and nature is known as biophilia (love of living things). Scientists have speculated that humans have a biological need to bond with and be near other living systems, such as: animals, plants, habitats, objects in nature as well as the weather.

The term Nature Deficit Disorder is really important nowadays and the biophilia theory indicates that a number of our kids are suffering because of this disconnect from nature made by our modern lifestyles.

However, it is not only children who want nature! Most of us want this connection to nature to a degree.

Nature has a rejuvenating effect. A mindful walk in the forests isn’t just grounding but helps you to get centered and current. There’s energy in the atmosphere, in sunlight and out of the natural world that supports your wellbeing on all levels.

Chakra Gezondheid

For example, a walk in the forests may affect your chakra health (and therefore your overall health) in the following ways:

Chakra 1: Root

Making direct contact with the ground by walking reinforces your energetic connection to the ground and can help you feel mentally and emotionally grounded and secure.

Chakra 2: Sacral

The sacral chakra is the seat of your own feelings. The sensual experience of being out in the woods (sights, sounds, smells) stimulates and feeds this chakra. And feeling the strength and freedom of your body reminds you how great it feels to be alive.

Chakra 3: Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the chair of your own personal power and self-esteem. Quiet, reflective time alone permits you to connect to your true self.

Chakra 4: Heart

The Heart chakra is related to the vibrational frequency of the colour green, the predominant color of plant life. As you discover the beauty of creation that surrounds you in the forests, the feelings of admiration, love and gratitude which you feel support a coherent and healthier heart.

Chakra 5: Throat

As you see the blue backdrop that the skies provides into the trees above you, allow the vibration of the blue colour feed your Throat chakra. Listen to the soothing sounds of the forests and learn how to talk as the insects and birds do-expressing your truth and feelings honestly.

Chakra 6: Brow

Walking can be a kind of meditation-let the rhythm of the step move you to a state of openness and discharge. This walking meditation can help open one to wisdom, clarity and insight.

Chakra 7: Crown

The Crown is our connection to the Divine. Witnessing the oneness of existence in character reminds us of our connection to all life. As you see the hand of the Creator from the natural world, you experience a greater sense of inner peace.

Experience Nature

There are a number of ways to experience nature, even if you live in a metropolitan location. You might need to aim for small nature for everyday-your yard, a neighborhood park, a lunchtime walk enjoying the skies and a wonderful landscaping job.

Are you attracted to certain organic settings or animals? Does spending time together make you feel better? Focus on how you feel in different natural settings-what “feeds” you.

You may realize that the sunset colours in the desert are what you really crave. I find that I am attracted to moving water-the energy close to a river or a sea beach is cleansing and energizing.

I also feel soothed by trees. If you need assistance getting grounded, try this: lean against or hug a massive tree and allow the tree “assist” you link to the ground. Trees are very grounding using their many roots moving in all directions to the ground and their years of expansion.

The sun itself is a massive supply of energy. It’s no wonder we crave the outside after weeks of short days and being shut up inside all winter.

Time spent in nature is never wasted. Find a way to experience nature on a regular basis as part of your self-care routine.