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Your blood pressure measures how hard the blood pushes towards the walls of the arteries as it flows through your body. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) that is also referred to as the “Silent Killer” is a disease that millions of people are living with and are unaware of the hidden threat.

Hoge bloeddruk

It can lead to damage to your heart, eyes and kidneys. It may also cause strokes and a number of other problems if untreated.

Age, family history, being obese, salty foods and lack of exercise may attribute to the increase in blood pressure in adults. Children may also be changed with HBP for a number of the exact reasons.


These are the two numbers regarding the pressure of blood in your system. Systolic is the number that shows how hard your blood is being pushed through your body as soon as your heart is pumping.


Diastolic is the number that shows how hard your blood is being pushed through your body between heartbeats when the heart is relaxed and filling up with blood.

What is normal?

The normal blood pressure for adults is 120/80. If your blood pressure is greater than 140/90, this might be considered prehypertension and if not decreased or controlled naturally or with drugs, it may result in chronic Hypertension and more unfortunate ailments or diseases.

There are lots of distinct types of medications available that have reduced the amount of HBP in several patients through the years but as a lot of us already know, drugs generally have moderate to severe side effects which occasionally harm our bodies more than they’re made to help.

Natuurlijke manieren

Here are 6 natural ways to help reduce your blood pressure and keep your levels as your body ages:

Reduce your weight

Being obese has many disadvantages. Exercise regularly so as to lower your weight by 20 t0 30 pounds, which will slowly help reduce your blood pressure by relieving the pressure from round your heart and other regions of your body. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Less Alcohol

We all like to celebrate with a drink or two, maybe three but in regards to your blood pressure, this is a clear road to disaster. Try to limit your intake as best as possible. Try Sparkling Apple Cider comes in an impressive bottle and provides the bubbles with no buzz.

Stay away from salt

It’s a chemical. Just like sugar, they both have their benefits and drawbacks. They could make our foods and drinks taste so good yet with excessive quantities, make our body and mind feel so bad. When you start to create your foods by whatever way you choose, leave out the salt, your tastebuds will slowly become accustomed to the pure flavor of the food and you’ll start to appreciate the pure favor of every meal you produce.

Eat Fresh

Raw and frozen vegetables are your best option. In any event you like them, raw, steamed, roasted or boiled, they are full of all the best vitamins and nutrients your body needs. The natural flavor of sweetness and salt will pour from natures’ finest foods, which makes you satisfied and protected. Season your food with fresh lemon or lemon juice. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to lower your blood pressure and adds great flavor to your meat dishes and favorite vegetables and casseroles.

Dump the milk and fatty foods

There are several cookbooks with recipes that are simple to follow, they show you ways to prepare excellent meals as you decrease the quantity of milk and fat from your diet. Steer clear of fast foods and processed frozen foods as they are high in sodium and other dangerous ingredients which are disguise by the fantastic taste.

Herbal supplements

There are a high number of organic herbs available that if taken regularly, can possibly decrease your blood pressure such as, Paardebloem Wortel, Chia Seeds and Zwarte komijn Seed Oil.