Chia Seeds in a wooden bowl on wooden background

We’ve all seen those funny little clay creatures that sprout hair when watered. They’re coated in chia seed. They’ve existed for decades and have become an American tradition. Who’d have thought that those exact same tiny seeds would be regarded as an important source of nourishment?

Origen of Chia

Chia comes from the Aztec word, “chian”, which means fatty. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acid; actually it’s more than any other grain – much greater than flax seed. It has the ideal omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. This unsaturated fatty acid is crucial for many successful functions of the human body.

Since 2,500 B.C. chia seed have been used as human food. Known as “the food”, these seeds were cultivated by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. We’re just now starting to discover the significance of this grain.

Benefits of Chia

Chia is loaded with calcium, boron and other essential minerals; antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. It’s a comprehensive source of protein, together with the amino acids in excellent balance. It’s really the perfect food. The ancient Aztecs appreciated chia to the extent which it had been traded as money. In those times anything that could increase endurance and control the appetite, was considered valuable. It allowed them to sustain themselves on long hunting expeditions and war raids.

Chia seed has the capacity to consume approximately 12 times its weight in liquid. Because of this factor, it’s a dieter’s dream come true. If made into what’s known as “chia gel”, it will become a nutritious beverage that fills you up, thus decreasing the appetite. To make this gel, simply add 1/3 cup chia seed into 2 cups of water. Stir well, breaking up any clumps and store in the fridge for twelve hours prior to drinking. You can keep it there for at least two weeks. I make mine in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.

Drinking a third cup of chia gel in the start of acid reflux can remove it for lots of men and women. Try drinking that much 3 times per day. It may prevent this from occurring in any way. I know of people who consume a teaspoon of seeds should they experience acid reflux. The seeds absorb the acid just as they do water. Of course you would not need to ingest an excessive amount of raw seed at a time unless you’ve got an enormous amount of acid… it may consume your stomach. It’s wise to be conservative and learn what’s effective for you.

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Chia has other valuable qualities, also. It has a neutral flavor. It’s very easily digested and assimilated. It’s soothing to the stomach and esophagus and it’s healing properties. Like slippery elm, it’s full of mucilloid soluble fiber, thus permitting it to quell the burning pain of it at the stomach and esophagus. In early times the Indians used it to prevent disease and accelerate recovery time, by packaging the seed to open wounds.

Chia gel can be integrated into a number of different foods without diluting flavor, while displacing calories and fat. It works brilliantly to boost flavor when replacing fat. For all these reasons, chia gel should be an important, if not vital, part of the acid reflux diet.

How to take Chia

For breakfast it could be blended with hot oatmeal, pancakes, and biscuits dough. It’s delicious mixed into scrambled eggs. Ground chia seed may be used in baking bread or as a simple topping on a lot of dishes. Use chia seed gel in yogurt, jams and jellies. Its great mixed into polenta, grits, smoothies and milk shakes. Try it in you favorite mixed wellness mix drink.

Chia gel can be added to soups, salad dressings as well as the stuffing which you place in a chicken. The possibilities are virtually infinite. Try introducing 1/4 cup of chia gel into your favorite potato salad recipe, reducing the mayonnaise, in like. It may be utilised in many baking recipes as a substitution for fat.

Put it the child’s food. They won’t ever understand the difference, as it really enhances the flavor of food. They’ll love it! Feed it to your dogs. I place it in my two year old Jack Russell Terrier’s meals daily. Does he have better digestion and vitality, he’s better bowel movements. Incidentally, the F.D.A believes chia a food with an established history of safe consumption.

Chia gel slows the release of carbohydrates and their conversion to glucose (blood sugar). So, besides controlling acid reflux, losing weight, increasing endurance, chia has the extra benefit of decreasing blood glucose and hypertension. Due to its high unsaturated fatty acid content, it may even help with prostate issues. I don’t think anyone could go wrong by creating chia seed a part of the everyday life. Due to its incredible health-giving facets, chia seed is the best food for everybody.

So try chia seed today. You’ve got nothing to loose but a small weight. You could enhance your digestion and general health. It’s definitely worth a try.