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Is “Fate” your genetic blueprint? A”habit pattern” you draw into your life without realizing it?

Overcoming fear is a”one quick step” procedure: Stop it! Fear is an emotional rush, limbic brain reaction to perceived danger. . .real or not. It’s of no benefit.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

You can’t do away with anxiety – but you can make a”NO” habit reaction that turns your attention to inspiration and solutions. Repeat this – and you open the door to your”fate” and leave your old genetic”destiny” behind.

Do you must overcome fear?

Nope. Many inspire themselves with fear – particularly lately. The past eight years have been guided by a paranoid government. Fear motivates – has for centuries. Notice the mayhem? Death, wars, destruction? Pretty hard to miss is not it? Now it is also in the financial arena – worldwide. Had enough? It is possible to stop it.

Lives dominated by fear mirror that paranoid pattern. Constantly “putting out fires, fighting to survive.” Attack and counter-attack. What fun in the sport arena. Not in life. Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.

Leaders take Big Risks and the results are magnified in full public view. Many leaders – earning millions – are driven by fear.

Many view life through the eyes of “fear.” Leaders are out in life in a Big Way. Trial and error is the path to success. But mistakes are amplified and influence many lives. As a leader’s anxiety increases so does fear. Fear clouds thinking and makes a bad situation worse. That’s how panic “makes itself real” and paranoia is soon warranted.

How “successful” is it to put out the flames you bring or ignite? Is this success? Yet the fear isn’t a conscious option. It’s there in most everyone. Fear keeps many from even trying direction – or seeking fortune and fame.

Fear is a bad guide to success

How successful has anxiety guided our country? Companies? Economy? You? Fear is restricting you in precisely the same ways.

Why not try something different? Pain, strife, anxiety, loss, war – are not that much fun.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Fear brings itself (anxiety loss – and you lose; fear attack — you bring it.) You find what you search for – and your”experience” then validates the fear. Once caught up in that play – it is tough to see the alternate.

Know why? The option is overcoming fear: quitting it and refusing to get sucked into the limbic brain”flight or fight” response. It’s a decision to remain mindful and find solutions rather. Next you require a strategy or vision of where you need to be – and you can train yourself to Focus on that instead.

Inspiration Resulte in Solutions

Inspiration resulting in solutions is a selection. Everything you feel is vibration – and – vibration exerts a “tug” just like a magnet. Like energy attracts. Inspiration. . .with your Focus in your Vision or aim — contributes to solutions. That vision feels great – and so does chasing it. That’s from the Selection of the vibration of “fear.” From the higher frequencies of”anticipating” items to work out – they do. That’s Law of Attraction in action.

The successful look for answers and find them sometimes with spectacular results. Yet fear is woven into the fabric of life. Many success stories reflect the continuous struggle with fear. . .wins and losses. . .struggle and gain. That’s the consequence of not overcoming fear, and rather dancing with it.

Overcoming Fear

Fear surfaces for everyone – you can’t eliminate fear (it is only a concept – a group of thoughts) It is possible to opt out, see fear as “the issue” and fix it. It is possible to change it by adding more into the old notion, until it becomes a new idea – that is a habit also. Hard to believe? Only because you are at the”fear dependency.” Look beyond the familiar. You can’t solve your problems at precisely the exact same level of fear that generated them.

“I’m an old man and have known a great many troubles, but the majority of them never happened.” Mark Twain

Where does all of the fear come from?

Your ancestors. Fear of failure and “bondage” are enormous genetic patterns which interfere with creativity and achievement. Everyone’s ancestors spent some time under the principle of a petty tyrant – either as a spouse (50 percent of all genetic codes) or slave or servant or military. All ancestors failed many times – often with much suffering and pain. That fear is part of your genetic blueprint. It is possible to change it.

Not getting the Success you desire?

The only thing between where you are now and what you need — is FEAR. Your genetic patterns restrict you – nothing else – but an old custom. Some call that “fate.” Now you know better.

What you have on your life is a manifestation of your genetic blueprint – or your destiny. That pattern on your subconscious built your own experiences. Over many years you’ve modified and enlarged it. You can change your fate. Is it time to change it .

If you don’t have the success that you want – it’s time for permitting more growth – The fear of change and of reduction – can change also.

“Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task that has been put before us isn’t above our strength; that its pangs and toils aren’t beyond our endurance. Provided that we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory won’t be denied us.”

Winston Churchill : Living with fear is living in chaos soup.

If you do not overcome anxiety – you continue to fight yourself, live in paranoia and anxiety – and the fear hangs out – and you get what you fear, and whatever success you can hold onto. Ugh! Time to give up that. Life can be simple and fun – and effective. You need only pick it, act on the choice and live your Vision. If you are annoyed that it seems too simple to be true – you are waking up.

Contraction and growth is your natural creative process. You’ve outgrown your old habits of thought (and fears) and that’s all that’s limiting your own expansion. How do you know? You want more. You feel restricted, obstructed and not much you try works nicely. Compared to where you want to be, you are feeling”contracted, boxed in and limited.”

When you feel you’re not getting what you need and do not know how to do itthat feeling is what’s keeping you stuck where you’re. “Conflict” is the battle between vibrating or signaling what you need and your fear of it. Those double feelings can also be known as”stress.”

Free yourself quickly. Simply see that you’re only limiting yourself with subconscious anxieties. You’re bringing the”destiny” you dread when you allow fear to run rampant on mind.

Get off of everything isn’t working

Give up hard work and activity till you produce a more enlarged self-image – and – feeling – you can not push through a genetic fear – and that is what’s stopping your progress. You want what you want – and you dread (unconscious) what will happen to you in case you get it. Conquer Stress Fast (at end) can break you with the bad habit.

“Every person acts and suffers according to his peculiar teleology, which has all of the inevitability of destiny, provided that he doesn’t understand it.” Alfred Adler

How can you know whether it’s fear stopping you?

Is anxiety active in your life? Do you feel uncomfortable about being out in the world in a bigger way? Being more – enlarging – new adventures – taking a chance — new learning – giving up what you thought you wanted. . .looking for a new way to live and be?

Does changing your life routines, routines, customs (friends, work, food, lifestyle) feel uncomfortable? It should – you’ve moved on and enlarged – yet can not see how to get where you need to be.

Your anxiety is clouding your vision and inter-fear-ing with your Inspiration.

You overcome fear when you see fear as”the habit” that’s bringing to you the very thing you fear. It could be the fear”I can not get what I really want or what I need is out my’safe zone’ That’s a genetic fear – it is not about today, not true, and it is not for the reasons you think.

How do you know? Listen to your self-talk. Fear masks as”avoidance” too. Thoughts such as,”I really don’t care about money; If the Universe wants me to own…; I favor”behind the scenes;” I’m not seeking fame, or anything. . .just slightly more cash…”

“Public opinion is a weak tyrant, compared with our private opinion – what a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates his fate”

Henry David Thoreau : Changing a habit, changing your fate.

The fear of “breaking free” was shaped over centuries of many deaths and much suffering and pain. Yet you can get over it by seeing it for what it is, and talking yourself into your”today” where you’re safe, and these fears are no longer warranted.

You can’t eliminate anything – however, you can transform it into something different. Bridge in the fear – to victory”in a significant way” – and it is going to be yours. When you stop the anxiety – you want a”bridge of ideas” to walk yourself to your Vision (goal) of what you need. You need to have a”destination” to change the feelings as well as your point of attraction from panic to solutions.

How do you know its working? You are feeling hopeful and begin to anticipate the new success you desire. Your emotions (and point of attraction) shifted from uncertainty to anticipation.

You always get what you expect. No exceptions. Use that fact to accurately gage where you are – then you may get to sense what you would like.

Once you’ve eliminated or softened the barrier – your inspiration guides you to new opportunities. Test the new options in contrast to your Vision: If they match do it – if not, await the choices that feel nice and fit your Vision.

Make it simple and make it fun.
Spend time in nature – clean your mind, open your heart, body and mind and ask questions. Seek solutions and follow your Inspiration. You can achieve this.