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Also called Onycomycosis, toenail fungus is extremely common almost in all states. Nail infection is usually caused by fungal organisms beneath the nails. The nails that are contaminated with fungus may become discolored, thick, and brittle. The disease can be bothersome to anybody when it shows symptoms of discolored appearance of the toenails.

Toenail Fungus Home Remedies Are Best For Killing Fungus

Gradually the disease may develop cramps and the nails may look ugly. You can’t heal the nail fungus overnight by any means. However, on discovering any signs of toenail fungus, you may use certain home remedies that will do the job effectively.

There are a whole lot of other home remedies for toenail fungus. Do you realize that you could also treat toenail fungus with henna? Here’s what you will do – get a whole lot of henna leaves, make a paste from the leaves and then place it on the surface of the affected nail. Henna has properties properties which kill fungal infection.

Banan may also reduce the growth of the fungus. Get a yellow-colored ripe banana and mash it together with neem water (neem water can be prepared by boiling neem leaves with one glass of water; wait for 15 to 20 minutes before the concoction gets concentrated). Apply this on the affected area and allow it to dry. Wait for an hour or so before washing it off.

Another good homemade remedy has something to do with tulsi juice. Tulsi (or holy basil) juice is produced by grinding tulsi leaves. Mix tulsi juice with lime juice and use it on the nail and evening — this method not only cures the fungus but also makes your feet more beautiful.

The juice of an cebula is also a great treatment for fungal infection. Slice an onion and rub it all over the affected toenail. This should eliminate the toenail fungus once and for all.

By and large the most effective of home remedies to treat toenail fungus is turmeric powder. Make a paste of the powder and use it on the affected nail two times per day. Applying turmeric powder regularly will soften your nail and take away the organisms. Kurkuma also has the capacity to treat foot cracks.