Shingles (choroba), Herpes zoster, varicella-zoster virus. wysypka i pęcherze na skórze ciała

One of my famous personal essential oil testimonies is how I got rid of my shingles using ravensara essential oil.


Shingles, aka Herpes Zoster, is a serious and short lived viral disease caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. It’s a disease of the nervous system that affects certain areas of the skin.

Shingles originates from having chicken pox as a kid. During a childhood bout of chicken pox, not all the viral organisms are destroyed. They hang out and keep silent -“dormant” – at the nerves in the skin for several years.

When there’s intense emotional stress, severe illness, or things that seriously impact the immune system, these”dormant” creatures wake up and get active again, and cause an infection.

The pain is severe and sometimes long lived, and the medical approach is anti-viral drugs, steroids, pain meds, and antibiotics for possible skin disease – and not everybody would like to take this approach (although if the outbreak is close to the eyes you must seek medical care!)

Healing Shingles With Essential Oils

I had a shingles outbreak a couple of years back when my mom, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer, had surgery to have her kidney removed.

I was so stressed out that I was not paying attention to my body. It’s interesting how that happens. Our bodies need to tell us the level of how much stress we’re under if we are not paying attention.

When I discovered I had shingles I ran to my two favorite resource books. Both of those books mentioned ravensara – that I had in my own oil collection and adored for sinus issues.


I instantly took some internally (I’d taken ravensara internally before for bronchitis so I was comfortable taking it again).

I put 7 drops in an empty gel cap and I took one capsule in the morning and one at night. Within one day my symptoms and pain went away.

I decided to keep myself on this regime for 21 days since that’s the normal life span of a virus. My symptoms remained away for the entire time except for just one day I did forget to take my dose.

I said to myself”oh, I probably don’t have shingles – I do not have symptoms I’ll stop taking the capsules.” Well, within a day the symptoms came back, so I resumed to completion.


Now not everyone will feel comfortable taking oils , so here are ways that you can use essential oils for the discomfort of shingles:

Blend collectively: 10 drops sandalwood, 5 drops blue cypress, 4 drops peppermint, two drops ravensara and dilute 50:50 with massage oil and employ 6 – 10 drops on the affected area, back of neck, and down the backbone 1 – 3 times per day.


A case study was done of six hospice patients with shingles. It was discovered that three essential oils blended together and put in distilled water and used as a spritz improved the signs of the shingles.

The three oils used were: ravensara, bergamot, niaouli. Reported that after 48 hours that there was a significant reduction in the pain in the shingles, scabbing and recovery of the pustules took place and in one case there was a disappearance of the pustules.