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The graphene oxide present in all vaccines makes the vaccinated people walking time bombs if they are with 5G Waves! The hunt continues with new discoveries of OG in saline solutions that have been used for some time. Clare Edwards is a former senior UN official. Magda Havas is an airwave specialist at a Canadian university who published the documents declassified by the U.S. Army on studies conducted up to 1972 under the title “The Archives of Zory” nickname of a scientist officer of the U.S. Navy.

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Claire Edwards, July 26, 2021In a new video, La Quinta Columna reveals that graphene oxide (GO) has been found in a saline solution and they deduce that the use of GO is much, much more widespread and started much earlier than just “Covid” vaccines. [i] Babies have been found to be magnetic, and people who have not taken the “Covid” vaccine or who have not been tested by PCR or who have not worn masks also show magnetism, so this must come from elsewhere. They deduce that GO has been used for a few years in all vaccines, including tetanus, meningitis, childhood vaccines, etc. Quinta Columna claims that GO was also in the 2018 flu vaccine and that this could explain why people have magnetism when they didn’t get the “Covid” vaccine. It could also explain the high number of deaths from “flu” after the 2018 flu vaccination campaign.

This also explains the fact that so many people died in Wuhan. The Chinese government had made the flu vaccine mandatory for the population just before turning on the tens of thousands of brand new 5G antennas in Wuhan. Similarly, the elderly who died in Milan had also been vaccinated against the flu and there were a large number of 5G antennas in Milan (see the maps of antenna installations in Italy in March/April 2020, which show that the Milan region recorded the highest number of cases of “coronavirus”).



Magda Havas found that Covid-19 cases per million were 95% higher and Covid-19 deaths per million were 126% higher in 5G-enabled U.S. states. Quinta Columna recalls that 4G LTE also uses millimeter waves and that 5G is therefore not the only one involved. Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre published a study on the 5G-Covid correlation in April 2020. He pointed to the fact that San Marino was the first European state with 5G technology and the state that recorded the highest number of “coronavirus” cases per 1,000 inhabitants, 4.07 times more cases than Italy and 27 times more than Croatia, which did not have 5G at the time (see map below).


Mr Payeras i Cifre also observed that the “coronavirus” seemed reluctant to cross borders. The average number of infections for the four U.S. states bordering Mexico was 0.242, more than 2,000 percent higher than Mexico. The average for the United States as a whole was 0.814, 7,000% higher than in Mexico (see map below). The “border effect” between Mexico and the United StatesData for April 3, 2020 – infections
na 1.000 mieszkańców Kalifornia Arizona Nowy Meksyk Teksas Meksyk USA 0,28 0,31 0,20 0,18 0,012 0,814


Promieniowanie elektromagnetyczne

Zastanawiam się, jak to jest, że wszystkie te przydatne informacje pochodzą z Hiszpanii. Nawet Andreas Kalcker (z siedzibą w Hiszpanii) jest na filmie omawiającym GO w języku hiszpańskim. Ricardo Delgado, z La Quinta Columna, zwraca uwagę, że powinniśmy zwrócić uwagę na fakt, że każdy okres szczepień był związany ze skokiem technologicznym. Poniższy wykres ilustruje, jak każdej ekspansji w wykorzystaniu promieniowania elektromagnetycznego (EMR) i każdej nowej generacji technologii bezprzewodowej towarzyszyła nowa choroba.


It could be added that the so-called Spanish flu appeared six months after the U.S. military began using very powerful radio transmitters at the end of World War I, in 1917. The Asian flu occurred in 1957-1958 when a powerful radar surveillance system was put into operation. The Hong Kong flu appeared in 1968, when 28 military space surveillance satellites were put into operation. In 1997, when cell phones were used en masse, there was a 31% increase in diabetes in the United States in one year. In the UK, between 1994 and 2002, along with the sudden adoption of mobile phone technology, the house sparrow population declined by 75% and was classified as endangered. It should also be noted that in October 2018, just after hundreds of planes were equipped with a brand new onboard WiFi coming directly from the satellite, massive cases of “flu” broke out on board flights and ambulances had to be called and flights diverted.


Similarly, while we began to hear about cases of “coronavirus” aboard cruise ships in early 2020, we simultaneously learned that the liners had just rolled out full 5G and facial recognition on board, with all passengers being irradiated with armbands and pendants ready for 5G. Two Italian doctors, Montanari and Gatti, were the first to warn about vaccines mysteriously containing undeclared nanoparticles in an article published in early 2018. In particular, they found stainless steel and highly toxic tungsten carbide in vaccines. For their pain, their homes were searched by the police, who took away all their data and computers. In an interview, the two researchers explained that it is forbidden for nanoparticles to be found in any solution for injection because, unlike other nanoparticles to which we are exposed and which we can breathe and expel largely if our lungs are healthy, the injected nanoparticles remain trapped forever and can circulate throughout the body, including in the brain, causing dementia and diseases like cancer and diabetes.

If we add to this the fact that mobile phones open the blood-brain barrier to let in toxins, including air particles and vaccine nanoparticles, we have a very dangerous mix of threats. I have been saying since the beginning of all this, at the end of 2019, that there is no “Covid”. “Covid” is a general designation for a collection of discrete symptoms, all of which are the same as exposure to electromagnetic radiation. And, interestingly, we learn that the hospital in Barcelona, Spain, has decided to change the name of the department where people reacting to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, called “electrohypersensitive” or EHS, are treated to a “post-Covid” service.

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But what I didn’t know in 2020 is that this exposure is massively enhanced by the implantation of metal nanoparticles in the body. This is recognized in the scientific literature, even by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP; not international, not a commission, and protecting no one from anything except perhaps the military and telecommunications companies from prosecution for crimes against humanity dating back decades) which states in its own “safety” guidelines on EMF exposure that if you have metal in your The body will act with electromagnetic fields (EMF) to make you sick: “Medical procedures can use EMFs, and metal implants can modify or disrupt EMFs in the body, which in turn can affect the body both directly (via direct interaction between the field and tissue) and indirectly (via an intermediate conductive object).

For example, radiofrequency ablation and hyperthermia are both used as medical treatments, and radiofrequency EMFs can indirectly cause damage by unintentionally interfering [I did not know EMFs had an intention] with active implantable medical devices (see ISO 2012) or by modifying EMFs due to the presence of conductive implants.” Nanoparticles are used in cancer treatments. They are injected into the tumor, and then electromagnetic radiation is applied so that each nanoparticle burns the adjacent cancer cells. This is called “thermal ablation therapy”. So what happens when you fill the entire body with graphene oxide nanoparticles and expose everyone to the inevitable and ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation that spans the entire planet, including from satellites and high-altitude platforms (HAPS) such as gliders and drones in the stratosphere?


Ricardo Delgado, from La Quinta Columna, has the answer: “Every person who has been inoculated with this nanotechnology of graphene oxide now has a wick, dynamite, a time bomb that is ready to explode by activating a microwave.” The answer is that you have genocide. This is what a French engineer explained in great graphic detail in a 2020 video (since deleted by Youtube), but of which we have the transcript: “For me, these nanoparticles are part of a weapon system that will allow depopulation without mass resistance. If you compare this to a system of explosives, the nanoparticle would be the bar of the plastic explosive, that is, the active ingredient that will explode. The second thing that would be needed is a detonator. For me, it is the electromagnetic wave that will vibrate the nanoparticle, and the third thing is the control, I think we have found it now, it is the idea of 2020 060606 that is to say the subcutaneous vaccination that the masters of the world will propose so that they can know where we are and can trace us with 5G.

The advantage of 5G as a detonator is that it can trace us. It is a directed energy weapon. So we’re traced, they know where to send the wave and they know who they’re going to heat. What do you need for this weapons system to be operational? You have to be able to inject the nanoparticles into the body. The only way that seems consistent with history is to put them in vaccines.”

What this means is that every adult or child who has received the “Covid” vaccines, and apparently any other vaccine in the last two years, is now a relay antenna and is at risk of dying at any time from EMF exposure, but this will manifest itself in a whole series of different diseases. Let’s also not forget that the geoengineering that takes place above our heads all this time is also full of nanoparticles, and probably also includes GO.

Kanarami w kopalni węgla są obecnie piloci, którzy zostali zaszczepieni. Piloci i załogi samolotów są zawodowo narażeni na bardzo wysoki poziom promieniowania. Czy można się zatem dziwić, że czterech pilotów British Airways zmarło po otrzymaniu szczepionek, a pięciu innych z Jet Blue Airlines? Lot Singapore Airlines musiał zostać przekierowany na lotnisko w Moskwie, ponieważ stewardesa miała atak. Istnieją inne pogłoski o zgonach pilotów innych linii lotniczych.

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Promieniowanie elektromagnetyczne

I think we have been the target of a huge psychological operation and practically everyone is looking in the wrong direction. It’s all about electromagnetic radiation and that’s the key. Now that everyone who has been bitten is full of graphene oxide, their only recourse is to follow the precautions taken by so-called electrohypersensitive people (EHS) and get rid of their mobile phones and all wireless devices and make sure they never come into contact with any wireless technology.


And of course, if governments don’t immediately turn off all antennas all over the world (and they don’t need to tell us that this is a ridiculous notion when they were quite happy to shut down the entire global economy for non-existent Covid), then this is prima facie evidence of genocidal intentions, because the scientific literature is unequivocal that metals in the body become antennas when exposed to EMR. The smoking gun of the Covid conspiracy is the graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccines. Now that we know, everyone’s priority must be to turn off all wireless technologies and antennas on the planet, as well as all 5G satellites. Failure to do so will be a death sentence for the vaccinated.