Geometry of the Soul series two. Background design of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and the mind

The Shiva Lingam come in the India and the Ancient, 5000 years old Hindu Faith. It’s a meditation, inscribed in Stone that is in the heart of every Hindu temple. It’s a meditation inscribed in stone whose significance was lost in history but that is currently taught in Energy Enhancement.

The Shiva Lingam is a 5000 year old sculpture, a diagram, a key that describes the natural flow of energy between the energies of the world. How energy comes from heaven, the Spring on peak of the mountain, the Center of the Universe, through a human being, a purified human being without energy blockages and down to the Kundalini chakra in the middle of the earth.

There, in the chakra in the middle of the planet, the negative energies are transmuted and healed and importantly, the management of the energy is shifted, rectified, then travels up through the human being from the middle of the earth and upward into heaven. This is the Macrocosmic orbit of Alchemical Taoism and the Kundalini Kriyas.

The foundation of the Shiva Lingam and the Yoni, resembles the Sufi Alhambra Fountain fountain in Granada, Andalusia, Spain in which the centre represents the center of the earth. Both of these sculptures from two entirely different cultures and countries separated by thousands of miles and years reveal how these universal principles are again and again brought to the cultural mix of humankind for their development.

The Shiva Lingam (Male Genitals) takes the part of the upwelling water of the reservoir and represents the Antahkarana. In ritual worship, milk is poured over the Shiva Lingam representing the descent of energy in the Center of the world into the middle of the Earth. It comes from the Yoni (Female Genitals) which symbolise the ground and the antahkarana throughout the yoni spout shooting religious energy from the Middle of the ground such as the water of the reservoir comes from the Alhambra fountain to the pool throughout the Antahkarana station and up into paradise, the pool, the ocean of bliss.

This represents the change in management of the energy that occurs in the middle of the planet and shoots the energy back from earth to heaven. This is the Taoist Macrocosmic orbit, a guided meditation that has so many advantages and which is taught in Energy Enhancement.

The secrets of Energy Enhancement on the character of the energy flows of the world and humankind come from deep and historical sources.

The parallel processor model of a human being. Super Computers gain speed through the amount of processors connected. Each Chakra is a chip gaining more intelligence the higher they go. As more processors are linked, so a human being gains more wisdom. The communication bus connecting the chakras together in a guy, and with all the energies of the earth and the world itself is the Antahkarana.

As my Master Roshi Hogen says “The spring on peak of the Mountain.” is heaven. All energy comes out of this. It’s the chakra in the middle of the world whose energy forces everything.

Illness is caused by a lack of energy. We can only heal ourselves when we learn to fill ourselves with energy by these methods of eliminating the blockages to this energy flow, the energy blockages in you!

Energy is a glow. Energy is beauty. Energy is health. Energy is happiness. Energy is memory and concentration and your ability to react. Learn practical techniques to get these Infinite Energies. Gain Energy!

This Initiation is the most important Initiation of Energy Enhancement. Other Initiations teach us concerning the Negativities and attitudes that stop this exceptionally Energetic Soul Connection. Other Initiations instruct us how to utilize this Higher energy in the appropriate way.

In this Initiation we know Methods of Accessing the Infinite Energy of the Higher Mind. Easy and practical meditations based upon Ancient Methodology of 200,000 years period whose track record of success is greater than any other system!