Dwóch szczęśliwych małych dzieci, braci, uśmiecha się w parku, zaglądając przez okno fortu klubowego.

A playhouse is a excellent addition to the family garden that you have enough space. It’s a fun outdoor activity for the children and it gets them out of your house for a little while! Nowadays playhouses can be found in all sizes and shapes but a wonderful sturdy wooden one provides a couple of huge benefits over plastic version.


  • Looks sturdier and frequently comes in a bigger selection of sizes
  • Can easily be painted and customised.

The next point is what this report is truly looking at. Children love a personal touch and this is the best chance for a rather cheap but large present that will last for several years.

Choosing the precise playhouse that you would like is something I’ll leave up to you, particularly as there are so many styles out there and you know your child best. Try to choose something that will match their style, for instance a Wendy house or daisy den for women and a tower playhouse or castle playhouse for boys. You also need to thing about the viability of space.

A significant playhouse could be fine but a quaint one can appeal more to your child and look better in your backyard, especially if it includes a distinctive modification like ladders up or crenellations. I would also urge playhouse specially intended for children rather than changing a more expensive adult summerhouse/log cabin.

Protection factor

This is because children’s playhouses frequently have unique features like special door/window hinges to protect your kids from minor injuries. If your searching for a trusted brand I’d recommend Walton’s, I have both a shed and playhouse from this organization and can vouch for there quality and stability. If you have your own recommendations nevertheless do not be afraid to follow them.

You want the playhouse to be strong and secure; it is sensible to erect it on a specially designed base, you will find tips on the best way best to construct these on many DIY websites. You also need it to be secure, no point the ladder beside a window a wrought iron fence, kids will be kids and you will need to reevaluate all possible risks.

You also need to consider the age of your kids, ideally purchase this sort of thing for 3-5 year old so that they get loads of years of use from it until they ‘grow up’. Now the fun part, there are 3 major methods to optimise your playhouse; decor, paint and extra pieces.


This is the easiest, most enjoyable and most noticeable way to customise a playhouse. Children enjoy nicely paint item better than’timber’ colored surfaces so this is where their input comes in. Do they need an Action Man an action guy camouflage print? A pretty pink Barbie den? A space station style outpost? All are readily accomplished ideas as soon as you put a tiny bit of imagination and effort in it. Let’s tackle the Action Man thought as this is the case I will be displaying with photographs. When your playhouse arrives it will most likely be in bits, this is in fact a great thing as it gives you time to decide on matters. Contemplate what style you want and paint it before you put it together. This gives you a couple of benefits.

  • You can access all segments parts evenly
  • You wont need to reach as poorly for high Pieces
  • You can see how it looks on a small hidden piece before painting the primary side
  • It will produce a more uniform look once assemble.

You need to paint it with a wood paint (available from any native B&Q or DIY shop ) and bear in mind that wood soaks up moisture, employ carefully and keep in mind you mostly need to paint the exterior, not the interior. To make a’cammo’ effect utilize rough, overlapping triangles diamonds or lines of different colors of green and brown. Interlace them and remember you do not need to cover all of it, the timber color beneath will seem pretty good between your camouflage design. For other designs, i.e Barbie Pink you might want to think about only highlighting elements in pink and moving mainly white, a strong pink home would be quite shocking for anyone’s garden. Parts like ladders, windows, door frame and roof would look great with the rest either painting a neutral color (i.e. white) or left wood stained. Remember to bring some protection or end to your playhouse also, a clear protective material would probably be most useful.

Additional Parts

This can truly be the cherry on top. Adding fine accessories to the playhouse is a superb way to make it appear entertaining. Adding a few netting round the banister of a’cammo’ motif or across its roof could be a wonderful improvement or a flower box to the Barbie idea. For your space station you can add some silver painted pipes tube round the railings to make them seem more like spaceship air pipes.

You might also want to think about adding major parts, like a slide. While this can seem great you need to be cautious with security, also test this for stability and weight. Easiest way to do it is to discover a slide using a similar elevation to the playhouse floor and place them close together, overlooking a bit of the balcony from construction (please make certain this doesn’t impact structural integrity, if unsure contact the supplier, producer or a professional carpenter/joiner).


This is a fairly straightforward job to do; just select some instant hand/old/cheap seats, tables, and cushion to give the room some comfortable appeal. A couple laminated posters and possibly even the children’s own drawings/paintings would look great inside and provides you a opportunity to go even further which makes this playhouse your own.