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Your self confidence and self esteem come from inside yourself, others and out of your accomplishments. Low Self Esteem feeds negative thoughts and negative comments others may create. This can make you lose confidence so that it’s important to prevent those negative ideas if you would like to construct your self esteem. You need confidence to build relationships, become a parent, go to work, take up new challenges, improve yourself, be open to change and learn life skills. Self confidence goes hand in hand with self esteem since you need both so as to deal with the challenges of life. Raising your self confidence will improve your life in addition to the lives around you. Self Esteem is the trick to your own happiness and overall well being. Here are a few hints that will assist you boost both your respect and confidence.

Please yourself before others

I know for many of you this might seem foreign because it was against my regular way of thinking but when you have low self esteem you’re an exception to this rule. You will need to put yourself first. Remember that your requirements are just as important as someone else’s. Start creating a list of your needs and desires. Put it on paper so that you can see them every day.

Be yourself

Don’t try to be like somebody else. You’re unique. There’s absolutely not any one in this world just like you. Comparing yourself to others feeds negatively in your self esteem as often times you may look at somebody else and you believe they are better than you that makes you feel worse about yourself. Make a list of your good qualities and if you feel down take a look at this list.

Don’t take life so seriously

Give yourself a break. Everyone falls. Everyone fails. Failure simply means that you haven’t succeeded YET! Without failure, you wouldn’t appreciate the successes. Failing is a indication that you’re learning and growing the more failures you experience, the more powerful you will become as a individual and consequently your self confidence and self esteem will continue to grow.

Focus on your needs and wants

You deserve to live the life you would like and there’s nothing selfish about that. As you learn how to listen to yourself and your needs, your self worth and confidence obviously boosts.

Celebrate your succcesses

Reward yourself when you reach goals and succeed. Make a list of your accomplishments and continue to concentrate on the positive.

Eliminate the constant need for approval from others

You must stop depending on others to make you feel great. Remember to reflect on “who you are” and make a record of your good qualities. You have to see value in yourself before others will.

Get seriously relaxed

Stop thinking and unwind. Some people do it by occupying their thoughts or exercising. Hypnosis and meditation are really terrific relaxation methods. Treat yourself with the same respect that you would treat others. You would not tell a friend that she’s awful or not very good at something so why would you do it to you? Get in the habit of treating yourself well and over time you may believe it.

Take time for yourself

Plan to have some fun for yourself if it is your favourite pastime or enjoying a film. Make certain that you put time aside for YOU even if it’s paying attention to what you eat daily or catching up on sleep.


Self Confidence and Self Esteem will build as you learn how to navigate through embarrassing conditions and day to day events. Once you find that you hold the power and control over your own life and ideas and with the appropriate skills, you can get through any life experience. Since your self esteem affects pretty much every aspect of life, having a healthier realistic view of yourself is extremely important. You deserve to enjoy and respect yourself and be happy and comfortable with who you are.