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Acid reflux and GERD are basically the identical condition. Therefore, if we are talking about GERD drugs we’re also making reference to acid reflux drugs.


There are numerous reasons to look at different procedures for controlling acute heartburn symptoms. One is that some people today wish to prevent pharmaceuticals altogether. A second is that… long term usage of GERD drugs is addictive and even potentially harmful.

Unfortunately, when you enter into the world of other remedies you open up a new set of problems. There are many recommended options, schools of thought, and restricted legitimate research. Oftentimes, the only way which you can understand if something will work is to use yourself as the guinea pig.

More About It

In respect to acid reflux and heartburn, a simple online search for natural remedies will discover countless possibilities. Some of recommended solutions seem illogical. For instance, apple cider vinegar is among the highest rated natural remedies. Besides the fact that vinegar tastes awful (alone ), it’s also highly acidic. Pouring acid on acid does not appear to make much sense. But there are lots of advocates who sing the praises of apple cider vinegar. Personally, I tried it, and it did not work for me. Based on the experience of others who swear by it, there’s a possibility it will work for you. If you can get by the flavor… give it a go.

Diet Habits

Likely a long term natural cure will require a change in diet. The point is to keep your system in a suitable alkaline to acid pH balance. What we eat controls which equilibrium and many of us, as a result of our exceptionally acid contemporary diets, are leaning too heavily on the acid side of the scale.

For all these diet changes to function you need to reduce the use of acidic triggers like caffeine, chocolate, sugar, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Also troublesome are fatty, spicy, and fatty foods. Alkaline foods are essentially all vegetables and they’re best consumed raw. Raw vegetables give you powerful enzymes that are essential for good digestion.

More About Diet

      • Since I’m on the topic of diet… it’s important to recognize that obesity is among the greatest contributors to GERD. If you’ve got a weight problem then it is possible to expect that acid reflux goes along with it. I understand that it is easier said than done, but losing weight is among the very best organic cures for heartburn you will find.
      • Apples are also often recommended as a natural cure for reflux. They’re high in enzymes and will help soothe the fire in your gut.
      • One of the first organic remedies suggested to me came from my grandmother. She believed in the efficacy of baking soda. Many men and women agree with her recommendation. Again, it is not a cure-all but it might provide you that instant relief you seek.
      • Aloe vera juice is another natural remedy that some folks feel good about. Once you get past the taste, which can be worse than vinegar, it may provide you some temporary relief.
      • Also on the list of possible remedies are milk, licorice root extract, acidophilus, and mustard. There are others… others. But if you would like the 1 alternative remedy that surpasses most of GERD drugs you’ll have the best success with changing your diet and losing weight.