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Teen’s Guide to Clear, Beauty-licious SkinCare! Pimples are the bane of a teenager’s life – just as you begin to have an interest in how you look and in boys your face decides to betray you! Fear not, 98 percent of teenagers will experience pimples thanks to puberty so that you aren’t alone. Here’s a sure fire guide to create your face a pimple-free zone.

Pimples Reasons!

You can put the blame for pimples at Mother Nature’s feet. Always best to blame a mommy! Basically, teen pimples are due to puberty. That’s the time when your body begins to prepare you for modifications that will take you out of being a woman and becoming a woman. Part of that procedure means your hormones go crazy. These significant hormonal changes lead to you being more diverting, sprouting hair in places you never thought about before, and an increase in your body’s oil production. It’s the additional oil surging through your body which has a lot to do with why you’re getting pimples.

Next culprit is bacteria. Your face naturally has germs on it, but if it is mixing with all that extra oil it is a recipe for failure.

Finally, your body sheds thousands of cells every minute – that is a standard part of what happens with your skin. But, when you have the combination of extra oil mixing with bacteria and dead cells it is sending a signal for pimples to party in your face.

The bacteria, oil and dead cells wind up clogging your pores and that’s what leads to pimples. The pore has a build up of dirt, bacteria and dead cells, which contributes to infection and compels the pimple to push toward the skin’s surface. You either wind up getting a blackhead, white head or a pustule or papule. They’re all classed as acne.

Black or White?

The distinction between a white head and blackhead is simply a white head has a closed pore and in the event of the blackhead the pore stays open and that is what makes it change color because of it being exposed.

Now, to create your face a non-pimple friendly zone is too straightforward. There are 3 simple measures you want to do. If bacteria and oil are major contributors, then you clearly have to remove surface oil and bacteria from the surface of the skin. The best way to do this is by cleansing.

Remove Bacterial in the Skin by Cleansing

You want to cleanse skin twice a day (morning and night) to remove oil, dirt, dirt, cosmetics, and bacteria to maintain those pores clear. Make certain to use a cleanser that’s non-drying on the skin. A whole lot of facial washes feature a component called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and you need to steer clear of this as it’s very drying. Now, you may think that’s exactly what my oily skin needs – TOTALLY NOT!! Your skin’s job is to maintain the surface moist and nice. If you use something which dries out the surface, it sends a message into the skin to pump out more oil. So, you actually produce the oil habit worse not better by using anything that dries out the surface. So, start looking for an SLS-free cleaner which has good antibacterial properties and is gentle on the skin.

Eliminate Dead Cells by exfoliating

Dead skin cells on the surface of the skin combination with the germs and oil which leads to significant pore blockages. So, eliminate those dead cells.

The easiest and best means to do this is by using an exfoliator. An exfoliator was made to wash or buff away those dead cells so that they can not clog pores. Additionally, it helps bring new, plump new cells into the surface of the skin.

Really important to use an exfoliator with super fine particles. Exfoliators with big exfoliant particles will over stimulate the skin, resulting in more oil production. They’re also able to knock off the head pimples and spread bacteria and disease over the face. You should exfoliate at least 2-3 times per week.

Protect your skin with moisturiser

Use a fantastic moisturiser. A great deal of teens think that they should not use a moisturiser as it will only clog their pores. The incorrect moisturiser can do that but if you use the right one it’ll have the opposite effect. Along with all the stuff happening at a hormonal level resulting in clogged pores that your skin can also be exposed to a heap of external pore cloggers – pollution, smoke, dirt.

A fantastic moisturiser acts to safeguard against these outside components to help keep pores clean. You want to use a moisturiser that’s light, quick absorbing and full of ingredients that protect, nourish, normalise and renew.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll see a difference on your skin. Now, this does not mean that the pimple fairy will never strike again.

Bitz zits minus the skin irritation

You might still have pimples or eliminate little breakouts today and again, so you want some additional treatment in the kind of a pimple cream designed to eliminate pimples without trying to wash them out.

Remember, you never, ever want to use anything that’s designed to dry out the skin surface as it only results from skin moving into protection mode and pumping more oil out into over-compensate. ! What you do need is something which will function to normalise oil production, balance skin, fight bacteria, reduce swelling and redness, and help skin heal.


Seek out organic pimple ingredients and healers like sea buckthorn berry oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, ylang, lavender. These are all proven pimple fighters but their benefit is they won’t leave your skin irritated, red, or flaky. It’s much better to treat pimples naturally than to attack the skin with harsh ingredients.

So, there, you’ve got it. Your daily cleansing, pimple serum and moisturise should take you about two minutes morning and night. Exfoliating is just a few minutes 2-3 times per week. It’s that easy. Make your face a no pimple go zone and you’ll see a difference! Oh, and select flowers and plants not nasty chemicals in regards to what you use in your face!