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Many kids find great joy and pride in growing their own vegetables and then serving them up for dinner. Below are a list of quick and easy to grow veggies that are excellent for a beginner’s backyard.


These big seeds are simple to sow for small hands. Beans will need to be well fertilized and watered weekly. They prefer warm days and well fertilized loose dirt. Because they’re a climber beans want some form of support. They do well in pots. Harvest once the plant is dry and the pods are sharp and firm.


This veggie also has large seeds that are simple to plant. Dwarf Cucumbers can be grown in containers. Cucumbers like full sun and well drained soil. Make certain to add compost prior to planting. This vegetable also enjoys cooler temperatures around 70 degrees so plant in late spring or early summer. Harvest Cucumbers when they’re on the small side as bigger Cucumbers are more likely to lose their taste.


This a popular amongst kids. The seeds make it effortless to sow. It’s ideal to plant in the midst of a little mound 3 ft in diameter. Surround each mound with a moat to help contain the water. Soak seeds the evening before planting. Plant 4-5 seeds in a circle in the center of the mound. Lay the seed onto its side with its narrow edge pointing skyward. Water gently. The seeds will take 7-14 days to germinate, then lean to 2-3 seedlings per mound. When the soil is dry be sure to water well.


Although they have little seeds Radishes grow very fast. They do best in cool months so grow in early spring or fall. Make sure that the soil stays moist and doesn’t dry out. Keep the soil loose and shinier. Radishes will germinate in 4-12 days and older in 25-35 days. Harvest quickly as they remain mature for only a brief time.

Cherry Tomatoes

This plant is possibly among the most fun for kids as the Cherry Tomatoes could be plucked off the plant and consumed. They are extremely easy to grow and do well in containers. They’ll have to be caged or staked as they grow.


This veggie likes cooler temperatures so plant in early spring or fall. Romaine and Butter lettuce grow well from seeds. Plant seeds in shallow soil and water well.

Snow Peas

These plants like well drained soil and full sunlight. They’re a cool weather crop. Keep the soil moist but don’t over water. Make certain to offer some kind of trellis support. When picking pluck pea pods which are 3 inches in length and flat. Use quickly once chosen.


This vegetable is easy to grow. They prefer cool weather. Carrots need a whole lot of moisture and aren’t drought tolerant. They don’t like hot weather and prefer temperatures 60-70 degrees F.
The soil has to be loose and well-drained. Plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep. Choose carrots which are smaller as they’ll be juicier and more tender.


For a fast maturing potato chose the red selection. They enjoy full sun and loose well drained soil. Potatoes are ready for harvesting 2-3 weeks after the plants have finished flowering.


Choose the ever enduring variety as they produce fruit spring, summer and fall. Strawberries can be grown in containers. They enjoy well-drained soil. Don’t plant with peppers, tomatoes, or potatoes. Strawberries are plenty of fun for children because they can be picked and eaten directly off the plant.


When a child can watch the fruits of their labour go from seed to dinner table they understand the benefits of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. And of course it will help you save money in the produce store!!