Kobieta wykonująca masaż Shiatsu przez profesjonalistę na podłodze w salonie

The thing of the majority of massage is to relax and allow stress melt away. In alternative medicine, shiatsu massage is truly utilized to align and balance the various meridians within the body, through particular pressure points. This practice of balancing the meridians causes it to be such as acupuncture, but without needles. Shiatsu is truly older than acupuncture.

Alternative Medicine and Shiatsu Massage

A shiatsu massage differs from other kinds of massage in a number of ways. This kind of massage originates in Japan. Shiatsu really means “finger pressure” in Japanese. The meridians the shiatsu massage therapist concentrates on are the pathways that bring energy, or “chi” to the body.

The massage is done on the ground, together with the client lying on a mat or futon cushion. It is performed fully clothed. The therapist doesn’t use lotions or oil, thus there’s absolutely not any need to remove your clothes to be given a shiatsu massage.

Unlike a conventional massage, the shiatsu massage therapist will ask the customer to start the massage lying on their back. They will then assess the organs by pressing them separately within the abdomen. While pressing, they’re checking on the health and suppleness of the organs. The advice they get from this investigation will instruct them on how to proceed with the massage.

After this test is done, the customer will lie face down, while the shiatsu body work is done on the back of the body. The massage will normally wind up with a recheck of those organs. This will inform the therapist whether progress was made, and suggest what to work on in the next session.

The Body’s Meridians

Although shiatsu means “finger pressure”, there are in fact an assortment of techniques used during a massage session. You may experience rocking of the body, turning of the limbs, and stretching of the limbs and muscles.

So, the shiatsu massage therapist is working to help you’re relaxed, yes. But, the primary objective of the massage is to work inside your body’s meridians to attain balance and healing. Before starting a career in shiatsu massage, the therapist will consult with and memorize a meridian chart, which shows which body organs and systems are affected by specific meridians.

On the ground

The main reason that this massage is done on the ground is the shiatsu massage therapist will use their entire body during the massage. This is compared to the ordinary massage therapist, who uses a desk and pressure from their hands to provide the massage. It’s common for the therapist to use their elbows, toes, and pressure in the entire body to treat the customer.

This traditional type of massage was considered to be “medication” for several years by different cultures. It isn’t covered under health insurance, and isn’t proven to possess curative qualities under today’s definitions of contemporary medicine. So, it does not have scientific evidence, but has stood the test of time. Many individuals rely on it now, and will keep on using it to balance their chi.