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One woman’s experiences during pregnancy are sure to differ from the other woman’s as each pregnancy is different. It’s possible though to supply a general summary to show you exactly what to expect during your pregnancy nausea week by week. It could feel like every week is only bringing more distress and nausea to you but, in fact, you are really witnessing the wonder of life as your baby begins to grow within you.

Week by Week

Week 6

This is the most likely week where you will begin to feel pregnancy nausea. By now, as your hormones grow, you may feel nauseous and queasy in addition to emotional and moody. This will not sound great (to say the least) but terrific things are happening inside. By the end of the week your baby is going to probably be the size of a grain of rice (4-6mm), his/her heart will begin pumping and the brain will begin growing. The breathing and digestive systems will begin to form. There are the beginnings of hands, feet and facial features.

Week 7

This week, there’s a great likelihood that the morning sickness will be on the upswing. Again, it is the hormones wreak havoc with your system so that whatever is very likely to trigger off that nauseous feeling. Stay away from hot food and select for the plainer, blander type. Your metabolic rate is increasing so that you need to get hungrier but if your pregnancy nausea is getting worse, it may put you off food all together. For infant, however, it’s a busy time – from the end of the week he/she should have increased to the size of a 5 cent piece and he/she should begin to move.

Week 8

Along with the nausea, you will begin to feel tired (if you do not already) as your body attempts to keep up with the changes happening. Baby is growing at a rate of knots. By now, he/she is the size of a large grape. The mind will have grown into two halves and the spinal column and bones are all starting to form.

Week 9

Morning sickness will probably continue and you might begin to show round about now. A good deal of people around you could begin to speculate that they understand why you’ve been rushing to the restroom rather a lot lately. By the end of the week infant will be about the size of a large jelly baby and making your hormones go crazy so there’ll likely be no let up on the morning sickness side just yet.

Week 10

Week 10 is most likely the week when you’ll have the greatest levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), therefore it is probably that you will feel particularly ill and nauseous this week. You may try and reduce it by eating small, low fat foods through the day and by attempting to get a great deal of rest and fluid. From today on, baby’s vital organs will continue to shape and grow at a really fast pace.

Week 11

You’ll still be feeling queasy and nauseous around today but you can begin to look ahead to this end soon (hurray!) . Baby can now move freely and you should soon have the ability to feel the strange kick and punch.

Week 12

This week, those fluctuating hormones will begin to settle down so that dreadful pregnancy nausea may finally begin to reduce. This is an excellent week all round as you’ll most likely have your first ultrasound scan and really see your baby for the first time.


Please remember, these are just generalizations on how you might feel in each week. Everyone’s experience is unique to them. Having said that however, weeks 6-12 are generally the ones when nausea will develop, reach its summit, and then (hopefully) begin to reduce.