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Want to look younger!!!” Just spare 10 minutes each day and you’ll turn back the clock a decade in 15 days. The new beauty mantra which has taken most of our 40+ young girls by storm is wrinkle treatment.


Aging is a non-reversible constant procedure. With time, the skin gradually loses its elasticity leading to crow’s feet, wrinkles and age spots. As one crosses age 30, skin gets thinner and is not able to retain enough moisture to maintain that glamorous glow.

Skin ages much faster where there was sun exposure, resulting in wrinkles. These especially include the face, neck, the backs of their hands, and the tops of the forearms. Wrinkles are usually of two kinds – fine surface lines and deep furrows.

What causes wrinkles?

As time passes, the dermis in our skin loses the collagen (protein) and elastin (fibers which provide elasticity to skin), so the skin gets thinner and has difficulty getting enough moisture to skin. The fat in the subcutaneous layer that gives skin a fleshy appearance also starts to disappear, the skin starts to sag, and wrinkles form.

    • Smoking and alcoholism
    • Light skinned individuals, since they’re more vulnerable to sun damage.
    • Hereditariedade
    • Clothing – the lower sunlight exposure, the lower probability of wrinkling. (caps, long sleeves etc..)
    • Occupation – outside profession Contributes to early wrinkles

Wrinkle treatment

The fantastic news is that early prevention and therapy are able to keep wrinkles at bay. Anti-ageing skin care is getting a multi-million dollar market. A new hybrid “cosmeceutical” has entered our vocabulary (decorative + pharmaceutical).

Choice of treatment depends on factors like age, location of wrinkle and individual tolerance of side-effects.

    • The simplest way to prevent wrinkles is to limit exposure to sunlight. Apply a sunscreen with 15 SPF (sun protection factor) or higher, while heading out to block damaging UV rays from damaging your skin.
    • Drink loads of water to keep skin hydrated. Moisturize dry skin, especially during months when the air is dryer.
    • Easy availability of over the counter anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing lotions, moisturizers, cellulite creams. Where on one hand, their decorative properties are used for beautifying; the medicinal properties include curing, healing and prevention.
    • Cosmetic surgery has made an inroad into wrinkle treatment. A word of warning here – any sort of cosmetic surgery whether its botox injections or chemical peels have to be carried out only by a specialist.
    • Low energy plasma skin regeneration treatment. The energy stimulates new skin growth in the targeted region and may be used to decrease the look of wrinkles or superficial skin lesions.

Our skin undergoes constant erosion with age, so it would be highly unrealistic to expect permanent wrinkle treatment. These treatments are not tailor made according to individual needs, however, the perfect therapy ought to be arrived at, just after consultation with an expert surgeon. Many men and women require repeated treatments or sometimes mix of remedies.

Home Treatment

    • Apply a mashed ripe banana on your face frequently to tighten skin.
    • Regular facial is quite helpful in controlling wrinkles. This is so because massage increases blood flow and tightens the muscles and cells.
    • Puncture 3 capsules of vitamin E. Add to it two tsp of plain yogurt, 1/2 tsp honey and 1/2 tsp lemon juice. Apply to face. Leave on skin for around 10 minutes and rinse. This is effective and useful Home Remedies for Wrinkles.
    • Age spots can become fainter by applying lemon juice a few times a day.
    • Apply a paste of turmeric powder with sugarcane juice to remove to prevent skin aging.
    • To prevent wrinkles, employ rancid and pure castor oil.