Fresh and chopped oranges and green gold kiwi from the top view.

What’s gout? Gout is a kind of arthritis that causes very painful swelling in a number of joints. It sometimes impacts the large toe joint, however it may possibly additionally trigger painful irritation in different joints such because the elbows, knees, wrist or fingers. Fortunately, though gout is a really painful situation, it’s doable to beat gout by consuming citrus fruit.

What causes gout?

The painful signs of gout are attributable to a construct up of uric acid crystals. Uric acid is a by-product of the breakdown of purines, a kind of protein present in varied meals, together with shellfish, offal, and pink meat. If ranges of uric acid are too high, the kidneys are unable to excrete the surplus and uric acid crystals accumulate within the joints, inflicting inflammation and painful swelling.

There are numerous the explanation why folks suffer from gout. In some instances, gout is attributable to a protein rich food plan: consuming an excessive amount of shellfish, red meat and different rich meals is a identified danger issue for gout. It will also be attributable to a heavy consumption of yeast wealthy merchandise corresponding to beer and red wine. However aside from life-style elements, gout can be a aspect impact of sure well being issues together with kidney disease, diabetes, and weight problems.

Natural treatments to deal with gout

There are many natural cures that may assist the sufferer discover reduction from the painful signs of gout. Vitamin C is a well known natural treatment for gout and plenty of research have indicated that taking a vitamin C complement frequently may help to forestall a recurrence of gout assaults. If you’re already struggling with gout, vitamin C may assist to alleviate the signs.

Can citrus fruits assist alleviate the signs of gout?

Citrus fruits are a natural supply of vitamin C, so together with loads of citrus fruits in your food regimen may show you how to discover reduction throughout an assault of gout. Attempt consuming oranges, clementines, satsumas and tangerines. Alternatively, infuse slices of lemon and lime in a glass of hot water twice per day or drink some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Citrus fruits comprise excessive ranges of citric acid. Scientific research have proven that citric acid may help to dissolve uric acid, so consuming loads of citrus fruit can cut back your ranges of citric acid and offer you quick reduction from the signs of gout. If eaten frequently, it may possibly additionally assist to maintain your residual ranges of uric acid within the blood decrease, which is able to forestall frequent assaults of gout.


Though gout is a painful and debilitating situation, it doesn’t need to spoil your life. Keep away from the meals identified to extend your threat of creating gout and eat loads of vitamin C rich citrus fruit: this may allow you to keep away from future bouts of gout. You must also attempt to keep a nutritious diet, keep away from an excessive amount of beer and red wine, and take common train, as these elements all play an element in inflicting painful assaults of gout.