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Have you tried every acne treatment you could get your hands on, either over the counter, and pharmaceutical but had no success in treating your acne? Are you thoroughly fed up with your acne? If you feel as if you’ve tried everything and still have not gotten the results that you want then perhaps it’s time you tried a natural acne remedy such as essential oils. Natural acne remedies consist up organic, or natural products which don’t contain chemicals or additives that could actually damage your skin.

Natural Products

Organic products are better for your skin because they do not contain harsh chemicals that can hurt or dehydrate your skin. Natural remedies using fruits, vegetables or extracts from herbs and plants are better for your body since they’re grown from the ground and contain phytochemicals which are amazing for our health. These products normally have medicinal properties that behave like an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic or analgesic. Not only can it promote healthful skin but also it will clean and clean up any indication of acne. Now’s the time to try essential oils to treat and cure your acne.

Essential oils are extracts which are derived from herbs and plants. They feature not only the odor but also the basis of the plant they came from. This might be their medicinal grade, their calming effect or even their ability to revive your skin tissues. Essential oils are extremely effective at treating acne since they’re easily absorbed into the skin, they kill acne causing bacteria, dissolve sebum that causes blockages in the follicle but also keeps the integrity of the epidermis. Essential oils can provide you back your self-confidence in addition to your beautiful, acne free skin. Essential oils do not have any side effects if used correctly and will heal acne scars and undesirable blemishes. Most essential oils can be mixed together with other creams or lotions and may be used for spot treatments. Essential oils are increasing in popularity and are available at any neighborhood natural food store, vitamin store, organic markets or even Whole Foods.

For Acne

Some of the essential oils which help to reduce, treat and cure acne include rosewood, jojoba, bergamot, clove, lavender and tea tree oil. To use an essential oil you want to dilute it because direct contact with the skin may lead to irritation. Add 15-30 drops of the essential oil that you choose to a carrier oil like grape-seed oil, almond oil, canola oil, mineral oil, or olive oil. Once added to the carrier oil blended thoroughly and apply to the areas affected by acne. Application should include a minimum of 3 times a day until the acne clears up. You may continue to use the essential oil every day to keep a radiant and luminous complexion and reduce the chance of recurrence. Otherwise reapply as a spot treatment when required. Here’s a listing of essential oils which may be used to treat acne. Additionally Manuka, Helichrysum, spike lavender, thyme linalool, rose geranium, Petitgrain, grapefruit, sandalwood, Vetiver, mints, basil, German chamomile, atlas Cedarwood, Palma Rosa, thyme, Cajeput, Niaouli e Yarrow Hydrosol oil are useful in treating skin conditions.

Rosewood Oil– Rosewood oil is excellent for individuals with oily skin and shouldn’t be used for dry or sensitive skin types. It lessens the sebum which blocks the hair follicle when applied topically. Additionally, it decreases the frequency of breakouts. Rosewood oil is fantastic if used as a spot treatment during the day to decrease oil or oily complexion.

Alfazema Petróleo– Lavender oil is wonderful for virtually any use. It’s a strong antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammatory, in addition to having a calming and soothing effect. Lavender oil combats acne, eczema, oily skin, spots and redness and itching that is associated with inflammation caused by acne. Additionally, it can be used to avoid future and acne breakouts.

Árvore de chá Petróleo– Tea tree oil is a great antibacterial which kills acne causing bacteria. Additionally, it accelerate the healing process of wounds by improving scar tissue formation. Tea tree oil should only be applied topically. It acts quickly by clearing up the skin and soothing the affected region.

Cravinho Petróleo-Clove oil is a powerful purifying agent. It functions very quickly to treat existing or emerging acne. Additionally, it eliminates infection and acts as a pain reliever.

Jojoba Petróleo– Jojoba oil is perfect for all types of skin and may be utilised as a moisturizer as a result of its rich structure. It’s powerful antioxidant qualities, which give it the capacity to fight acne. When massaged into the skin it dissolves clogged pores and embedded dirt and grime.

Bergamot Oil– Bergamot is a terrific antiseptic and has antibacterial properties also. It kills bacteria that the can lead to acne and reduces disease in the skin. It’s a very pleasing and calming fragrance.