A bottle of evening primrose oil with fresh blooming evening primrose plant

If you reside in a country where there’s a health system accessible for you and your loved ones; areas such as Dr’s, hospitals and hospitals, you will without doubt feel thankful for the medicinal help that they can provide you in your time of need.

Medicina alternativa

More and more people are now turning to complimentary, alternative organic medications to treat their ailments. We are hearing about the negative effect using artificial drugs can finally have on our bodies and this has begun to make people wary of using conventional medicines.

For some choosing to place manmade substances in their bodies isn’t an option. What is free medicine? It is a range of medical therapies that aren’t considered orthodox by the medical profession, such as homeopathy and acupuncture.

In some instances traditional medicines and other therapies are used in combination with one another. For instance a cancer sufferer possibly treated with chemotherapy but get acupuncture or take essential oils to help ease the pain associated with their treatment.

Natural medicines can have many advantages and treatments like herbalism dates back thousands of years and in certain areas of the world they’re still used as regular medicines.

The most frequent alternative medicines are essential oils. They can be seen in many forms and if you walk into any health food store you will notice the shelves piled with all the various kinds of natural medicines you may purchase.

Evening Primrose Petróleo

For instance; Evening primrose oil is a new essential medicine to grace the shelves of our medicine cabinets. It’s a miracle natural medicine that’s now widely utilized to treat a selection of different disorders in men, women and kids. It has been used in chinese medicine for centuries.

Evening primrose is a gorgeous vibrant yellow wildflower. It is extracted through cold pressing the seeds harvested from the blossoms and drawing out the raw oil.


Evening primrose oil is packed full of amazing health benefits. It has been demonstrated to have an effect on hormone health, hair, skin and bone health. It’s full of essential fatty acids, which are essential for overall general health, but since the body can’t make them you usually consume through food. It’s especially high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, both of which play a role in brain health in addition to growth and development.

Fish oil is generally the ‘go to’ for the omega fatty acids, but should you not eat fish or like the taste of the pills, evening primrose oil is a fantastic alternative.

Evening primrose has been widely recognized in treating hormone health and several women take it to treat PMS symptoms and for encouraging good hormone health, particularly important when you’re trying to conceive. Due to its advantages on hormones, it may also help with acne. As it helps balance the hormones it can be quite useful in treating acne related to hormonal imbalance.

A research demonstrated it can also be helpful for baldness, when individuals massaged the oil in their hair, over time they detected a substantial rate of hair regrowth. If you suffer from alopecia that this might be a really exciting find for you.

Due into the fact evening primrose is packed full of omega fatty acids, the benefit it can have on overall skin health is remarkable. It is frequently used to treat severe cases of eczema.


As more people turn to other drugs to deal with their families or own ailments, further study will be carried out and who knows what other advantages will be located from using other medicines and especially essential oils.