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To find that you’ve got cold sores on your lips may be not only painful, but seriously embarrassing. And that applies particularly to young individuals who have a great deal of friends and an active social life. To make things worse, the general perception is that there’s not much you can do about it other than to treat it with medication (whether prescription or over-the-counter) and hope they will go away as fast as possible.

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But if you would like to avoid the unpleasant side effects of “orthodox” drugs, which may range from lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting through to diarrhea, headaches and even allergic reactions, then you will want to learn about some alternative remedies which have been demonstrated to work.

While there might be no quick fix available to manage the Herpes Simplex virus (to use its proper name), there are quite a few things you can do to cure it obviously and minimise the likelihood of it recurring.

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This guide will look at two herbal remedies, either of which might work for you. Then we’ll examine a couple of practical things you can do in order to become free of cold sores. Remember, it is not a case of employing every conceivable remedy you may find, but instead finding just one that is right for YOU.

To begin with, however, set out to discover the cause of your affliction. It might be that you’re doing something different from normal at the time the virus entered your body. See if you’re able to stay away from these actions, or amend them in order to avoid coming into contact with the supposed conveyor of it . However, you need to accept that you’ve got it and the next step is to obtain a suitable remedy that does not have unpleasant side effects.

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One herbal remedy is effective for a vast majority of sufferers utilizes lemon balm, which is accessible from most drug stores. This inhibits the spread of numerous viruses, including herpes simplex. In 1 study where people with cold sores (and individuals with genital herpes) were treated with lotion containing 1 percent lemon balm extract, 60 percent reported that their cold sores healed in 4 days. Nearly all were free of cold sores after only 8 days. That’s an impressive outcome.

If you have access to fresh lemon balm then you can use a best way to treat your cold sores with it. You can create a compress or poultice out of its leaves by putting 1 to 2 spoonfuls of dried leaves in 0.25 litres of warm water for 10 minutes. Drink 3 to 4 cups of the tea daily before your cold sores have gone.


Another antidote is licorice, well known for its general anti inflammatory properties. In studies it has been demonstrated to inactivate the herpes simplex virus. Look for commercially available remedies containing liquorice. The best are those you can use to employ a liquorice compress or poultice many times a day. Place 2 teaspoons of dried, chopped roots in 0.25 litres of warm water for 15 minutes, and drink 3 cups of the tea every day.

Try these herbs aswell

There are other herbal remedies that might be just as powerful, including those utilising Mullein, St John’s Wort, and Alho, but let us now look at a few immediate steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of demonstrating your cold sores the door in a few days as opposed to weeks.

Keep the area around your cold sore clean and dry. Don’t expose it to harsh sunlight or abrasive winds. Replace your toothbrush with a new one when the cold sore first seems and when it’s healed. And do not keep your toothbrush in the toilet – it is far too moist, which helps the virus to survive. Keep it someplace dry.

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      • Your toothpaste tube can harbour the germs also. Don’t touch the tube opening with your toothbrush (or your fingers) and use modest tubes to make certain you replace them frequently.
      • In reality whatever you dip your fingers into may be infected by the virus if you use the very same fingers to touch the cold sore. So use unique fingers in turn, or a cotton bud, to apply any creams, and this applies especially to oil jelly, a popular remedy for cold sores.
      • Other remedies include employing a water based zinc solution, available from drug stores, and breaking the surface of the sore and applying witch hazel or surgical spirit to wash it out.

Following this advice and implementing these remedies in turn ought to have you free of cold sores within a few days. That’s well and good, but what if they keep coming back? Again, think about the probable causes and see if you’re able to counteract them. It seems the significant immediate causes are stress and too little exercise. If you can schedule your daily life to add adequate comfort and exercise, whilst preventing stress, then your cold sores will soon be a thing of the past.

About Relaxation

One highly effective relaxation exercise is to grasp the back of your neck with one hand in the region of the ropey neck muscles. Squeeze them with your fingers on one side and the heel of the hand on the other. Do this for about a minute a couple of times per day. All the while breathe deeply in and out through the nose. You’ll be surprised by how much this might help you unwind, and it has a beneficial effect on your skin and nervous system also.

So, what are you waiting for? It is possible to initiate the relaxation exercises at the moment. When you begin applying these remedies there actually will be light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, the main thing is to find a cure that works for YOU. Let’s hope that the guidance set out here will help you do precisely that.