Meditating in Lotus Pose. Female hands in lap, palms facing upwards. Nurturing energy meditation.

In today’s hectic lifestyle of cut-throat competition, it’s becoming difficult for a common man take out some peaceful time for him and rejuvenate. There’s only one aim to run in the race of life and stay ahead of others, but we overlook at exactly the exact same time that in this crazy race we’ve come so far that we’ve left our own self and there is absolutely no time to discover the exact same once again.

True Happiness

In this situation man has forgotten the true happiness of exploring the self and is running after the sensory delights of earth, which although are useful in forgetting the intricacies of life momentarily but aren’t enough to give him permanent bliss, power and peace of mind.

Fortunately philosophies of Indian Ethos have the solution of this issue in the kind of Yoga that not only helps to rejuvenate but also will proven to be a wonderful tool in tapping energy from the cosmos and giving body and mind a calm experience filled with joy. Don’t take my words as it is, just try below cited tips for the beginners of Yoga in the kind of seven simple steps. Scriptures of Hinduism call this practice “Sakshi Bhava”- ie “Self Awareness”.

Self Awareness Exercice

Try doing this in early mornings or evenings, when the environment and as well as cosmic rays are in our favour:-

1. Sit in one of those comfortable positions in which you may sit for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Remember – the goal of yoga is to gain joy and peace rather than to hurt you or stressed you. Therefore relax your body in that position as much as you can.

2. Now close your eyes and be conscious of the environment ie – all types of sounds. The sound of birds, greenery, rain, clock if you’re in house. In short you need to be aware and conscious of each and every audio present around you. Note- Don’t open your eyes until the end of all of the steps.

3. Now gradually begin shifting your attention from environment to your outside body. Know about your body parts. You may take your time in this and begin from top . First be conscious of top of the mind. After 5 seconds, shift your focus to left eye, Again following five seconds change it to right eye. Then comes the turn of left cheek – right cheek, left nostril – right nostril, tip of tongue – back of tongue, back of neck, left shoulder, left hand, left palm-fingers, left hip, left thigh, left knee, left toe in the given order. Similar exercise ought to be done for right portion of the body as well where at least five seconds should be given to every part. This will disperse the life energy of your body evenly to each of the parts and you’ll feel re energised.

4. After body consciousness, come to next part named Breath Awareness- The process in its different forms and levels can be termed as “Pranayam”. It really helps in harnessing energy from the cosmos. Please be conscious of your breath. Don’t attempt to regularise the same, just be aware and observe it like you are another person. You will gradually observe your breath is now steady and you’ve dwelled into your deeper self.

5. Now comes the turn of tracking your thoughts. As you’re aware of your own body parts, now begin watching your thoughts but don’t attempt and control them. You will notice that various sorts of ideas are passing by depending on the nature and quality of you subconscious mind. But even if you observe that ideas are absurd and bizarre, neither be ashamed of those ideas nor take the possession of them. Just wait for them to settle down since this will purify your body and mind.

6. After step 5, you may observe that you’ve attained a condition of deep sleep. But don’t stop here as being purified, this is the ideal state and chance to remember GOD. You can even speak to him and speak your prayers to him efficiently since it is the condition when no other thought is there in your mind.

7. After five minutes attempt to open your eyes slowly and steadily and don’t give any sort of jerks to it.

Just a few minuts for Everyday Routine

All the above steps need to be carried out daily for fifteen to twenty minutes and after this procedure is embedded into your everyday routine and it becomes your habit, you may observe that you’re recharged every time and procedure is improving your efficiency and performance at work place also. You’re in a position to be faced in all sorts of life situations and can fight with a secure mind against the most emergency situations of life.