Flu is no fun! No enjoys to be down with influenza or up at night with children who have it. First off, do not fear. There are lots of effective home flu remedies you can keep on hand which will drastically decrease the severity and amount of flu. They can even assist with prevention!

Get Elderberry

It cuts flu recovery period from 6 days to 2. Health food stores have it in a number of varieties because a flu study came out a couple of years back. I double the dose of most products for my family if I guess flu. Elderberry prevents the virus from getting into healthy cells.

Get a high quality oil

I rub it on the base of my children’s feet. Essential oils are potently anti inflammatory. Orégano is the most powerful infection fighter, but it is also the hottest. So dilute a few drops in some olive oil or other carrier oil (even vegetable oil will work). It smells amazing and it works. I give 2 drops with honey in some herbal tea to get a painful, sore throat.

Push fluids

Give your child lots to drink: water, or fruit juices as long as they do not include white sugar or corn syrup (these feed bacteria and suppress resistance ). Peppermint tea is a”child cure-all” at my home. I place this tea bottles, sippy cups, or a glass with a straw. Kids will need to stay hydrated, and peppermint has been used for fevers, flu and calming tummy trouble.

Include echinacea

I create echinacea tea, add the mild tasting glycerin extract to other fluids, or squirt it directly in my kid’s mouth. Echinacea fights disease, by stimulating the body’s own immune system to ramp up the fight.

Give a ginger bath

Baths help keep children hydrated, help with fevers, and unwind achy muscles. Put 1 Tablespoon ginger in the tub, or in a muslin tea bag in the tub. Run the water warm at first to infuse the ginger to the water, then adjust to the highest comfortable temperature for your little one. Working up a sweat in a hot tub helps perspiration out disease.

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