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Dandruff is an irritating scalp condition that leads to white flakes to look in the hair and on the mind. The flaking is usually brought on by the presence of dead skin cells, and the itching and flaking associated is frequently a chronic and irritating condition to take care of.


No single cause for this disorder has been identified, and it’s not clear why some people experience getting this while others don’t. Among the probable factors or triggers include fungal infections, allergies, stress, hormonal imbalance and the regular or imcorrect use of harsh shampoos or other hair-care products.

Common Types Of Dandruff

There are two common kinds of dandruff, dry and waxy dandruff. An itchy scalp usually refers to dry dandruff, because the little, white scales are usually attached to the scalp or are dispersed from the hair.

Waxy dandruff occurs when the scaliness of the skin is mixed with sebum, making it to adhere to the scalp in stains. Dandruff may result from a number of things, and one of the contributing factors are poor nutrition, zinc deficiency, yeast infections, higher use of alkaline soaps or shampoos and some kinds of fungus.

Effective Dandruff Treatment

Flaky, itchy scalp and hair. These are the usual nuances related to persistent dandruff. Here are one of the available herbal remedies which can be readily purchased and used for effectively treating this embarrassing and itchy condition.


Natural medicine advocates suggest using fenugreek seeds to deal withdandruff. A couple of tablespoons of these seeds will need to be soaked overnight in water, then ground to a paste the following morning. The paste should then be applied to the affected skin and left for at least one hour before washing out.

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Teatree oil is a herbal antiseptic which contains compounds called terpenes. These antiseptic substances are known to penetrate the top layers of the scalp, which makes teatree more potent compared to a host other topical treatments. Try mixing a few tbsp of teatree oil along with your favorite shampoo, but take care not to get the mix in your mouth or eyes as ingestion of teatree oil is quite dangerous.


Soybean is known to have very high in amounts of biotin, and that’s a significant reason why it’s effective in treating dandruff. A diet high in soybean and other foods containing biotin, such as garlic, oats, avocado, and corn, could be an effective first step in any treatment plan for dandruff.


Licorice has Glycyrrhizin, a part that reduces the amount of oil produced by the scalp. Some dandruff cases are brought on by excessive oil, and maintaining oil production to a minimum is all that’s required in keeping dandruff in check. Add ginger to vinegar and use it as a hair wash each time you shower.


The widely-used remedies for dandruff generally includes over-the-counter and prescription medicines and shampoos. However a number of these treatments are costly and may not work efficiently for specific kinds of individuals. Biotin is regarded as an effective remedy for dandruff, and experts recommend taking 6 mg daily for the prevention of the condition. Today, there are lots of herbal solutions offered and are often considered effective in the treatment and prevention of dandruff.