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Did you know that it only takes four minutes for Essential Oils to begin taking effect on your own body? Whether through inhalation, skin absorption or direct skin application, there are a number of ways you could reap the therapeutic advantages of oils day or night. It’s important not to underestimate the intensity of aromatherapy oils as well as the therapeutic benefits that they provide.

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There are a couple things you will need to know about pure essential oils. You should not apply them directly on the skin, they are powerful and can cause an allergic reaction or a severe rash. It’s wise not to use direct heating, products/units which don’t involve direct heat i.e Diffusers, are advocated. I say ‘diffusing’ instead of heating due to the effect heating has on aromatherapy oils. Any heat administered right onto essential oils really breaks down the components of the oils. This results in losing some of the significant therapeutic components of the vital oils. What does this mean? You don’t receive the complete benefit of the oils since they’re not dispersed in their purest form.

It’s interesting to note that lots of countries, including Australia, are still unaware of the healing and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Did you know that essential oils, either formulated in a combination can help with health issues like Anxiety & Stress, Insomnia, Mood swings, lack of Confidence, Respiratory problems just to name a few? As a matter of fact you will find essential oils/oil combinations for most health difficulties.

Some recommended Oils

      • Bergamot – Eczema, Dermatitis (massage oil) Incenso – Fears, Nightmares (Diffusing)
      • Peppermint – Emotional Illness, Concentration or Memory Difficulties (inhalation, bath oil)
      • Alfazema – Anxiety, Insomnia (massage oil, Diffuser)
      • Jasmim – Depression, Lack of Confidence (Massage Oil, Diffuser)

Diferent Forms To Used It


This technology is a dream come true for Aromatherapy fans, and was just introduced into the Australian consumer some four decades back. The Ultrasonic Waves technology operates on the vibration of the water at such a speed that it generates vapours, this is the technology that has revolutionised how people use their aromatherapy. This means, no heating element, no condensation along with your oils are dispersed in their purest form. However, the drawback to this is that you can’t always access your Diffuser particularly when you’re in transit during your hectic daily schedule.

The aroma pendant

Introduced in Australia six months ago and quite popular throughout different areas of the world. This kind of essential oil inhalation isn’t new, it has in fact been utilized for centuries, well before the addition of oil burners. Because of the seriousness of essential oils we discovered that the glass pendants are best for aromatherapy oils. The Aroma Pendants work by filling the ring with your favorite essential oil, putting it around your neck and inhaling the scent of this oil for the whole day. Fantastic for when you suffer from a cold or respiratory problems, or need added concentration or assurance especially during interviews or examinations.

Aroma spray mists

When formulated with essential oils, these are fantastic to have in the handbag at all times. When required you can use as a face spray, body spray or as an air freshener – again the emphasis is on inhalation.

Massage and bath oils

A beautiful oil or blend in a carrier oil such as jojoba, almond or coconut oil administered to the skin will provide you the therapeutic advantages through skin absorption or massage. As will a few drops of essential oils in your bath.

Direct skin compress

Once the oils are diluted with water, then you can soak a cotton wool or muslin from the water and put it directly on to the body on the area to be treated.

Age groups

It’s always important to check the labels on any critical oils for suitability old groups, suitability for pregnant women etc.. The world of Aromatherapy is extremely complicated, and can be useful for every member of the household.