Peruvian ginseng or maca (Lepidium meyenii), dried root and  powder on wooden table

Acne can be thought of as a teenager issue for teens which may be grown from over time, yet a growing number of cases of adult acne are being reported, and people suffering are feeling the burden of what this illness creates when untreated and left to linger over time.


To break it down, acne is when the sebumoils or oils beneath the skin get clogged in sebaceous follicles and make infections which becomes inflamed and surface as a cystic blemish, white head, or black head upon the surface of the skin. These are extremely unsightly and painful eruptions that could create enduring scars in addition to tremendous embarrassment. When left untreated, the topical bacteria can spread upon the face quickly and make a complexion filled with red, inflamed and painful eruptions.

That being said, I would like to provide some hope, as I’m a prior acne sufferer and have spent my whole adult life looking for a natural, risk free remedy that will take care of the root causes of acne, and won’t break the bank. Topical remedies only deal with part of this equation, and frequently make a worse environment on the skin than before the treatment started. These harsh chemicals often dry and peel the skin and make everyday life hard when contemplating the normal activities of life like fitness, enjoying time out in sunlight, or playing the swimming pool.

So as to locate a solution to a physical issue upon one of the largest excretory organs of the body, is to identify exactly what it occurring internally which would cause a reaction throughout the skin. Many different factors can play a part in this circumstance, from diet to allergies, hormonal imbalance to stress and lack of physical activity. All these various attributes have to be looked at in depth so as to discover a long term solution.


Diet is a enormous concept to go over about overall health and well-being. Our present generation and culture of quick fixes has generated a significant challenge in the element of healthy food ingestion. With fast food chains, instant meals, genetically modified, digitally laden, hormone pumped goods (notice I didn’t state food), many American’s are at odds with our lifestyles and dietary needs as a whole. This compels us to take some opportunity to investigate and consume more expensive and difficult to find food items to be able to nourish our bodies correctly and satisfactorily. In the community are terrific solutions to finding new, seasonal, organic, local produce and eatables which are as complete, and healthy as it gets. Smaller chains of Natural Grocers are also an excellent alternative for finding an apt source of healthful goods. The many, many problems that are made through processed, sugar laden, chemically altered, high fat products are to many to discuss here, but as far as the skin is concerned, the body will secreat additional toxins from the body through the manhood of their skin, and ingestion of toxic substance in massive parts on a daily basis will probably lead to skin breakouts, as that lifestyle will immediately over burden the cleansing organs like the liver and gall bladder forcing the skin to be used as a cleansing organ.


Allergies are another facet of health generally that will take a while to identify personally. This will require acute care when consuming foods with time. If you would like to experience luminous skin, then take this time for yourself and listen, take notes of adverse reactions to certain food products, be it wheat, gluten, etc..


It has apparently become a very prominent concern for a lot of people throughout the world. Being connected on a 24 hour deadline 7 days per week could create major health disruptions if not dealt with head on. Simple measures can be taken to control anxiety, such as meditation, deep breathing, visualization and other at home remedies. Make every attempt to manage priorities, and take care of yourself so you may be the best you possible. Utilize the healing components of essential oils, aromatherapy, baths and music to relax and revel in your life.


Women are grimacing in the word, since these essential yet challenging chemical messengers of character might help or hinder our attempts at optimal health. These building blocks of life aren’t our nemesis, but absolutely crucial to all the many actions and reactions within the human body. The secret to feeling optimistic about hormones is keeping them in proper balance and stability so as to perform all the aspects of living. This can be challenging with the aforementioned issues that plague us every day. Balancing hormones during hormone replacement therapy might be an alternative for some, but also holds dangers. For those people who want a risk free solution to balancing and managing our hormonal lives can get excited about holistic and naturopathic alternatives.

Ancient civilizations have known the wonders of the natural world and the energy within its components to restore health, balance and vitality for ages. These tinctures and tonics are researched in depth through mathematics, and the power astounds us today when applied properly to certain scenarios.

Maca Root is a dehydrated, cruciferous root vegetable that is grown in Peru, and has been used for centuries to increase sexual drive, women’s fertility and is a hormonal adaptagen, which naturally balances the appropriate proportion of hormones in the body. Another group of nutrients that help in the avoidance of acne vulgaris through nutrition and harmonizing is your vitamins A, D, C, E, and B Complex. These each offer particular values which pertain individually to recovery, repair, anti-inflammation, and immune power. Minerals such as zinc, chromium and selenium may also aid in healing and repair, in addition to folic acid and EFA’s. Invest in high quality, bio-available, cold pressed nutritional supplements when treating a chronic, acute condition. A complete and higher quality multi-vitamin/mineral ought to be taken by each person on a daily basis generally simply to ensure adequate nutrition and optimum health.


It is one last attribute that could really offer you a huge bang for the buck when treating acne and hormonal imbalance. When the body has increased flow and the release of endorphins through physical exertion, stress is released correctly and hormones modulate ideally to compensate for energy expenditure, muscle recovery and generally speaking, it builds up of the body. The sweat that creates through exercise can also be a detoxification of the skin, and if cleansed from the face and body create a clean and PH balanced skin surface. Exercise has numerous positive effects it is crucial to living a healthy and abundant high quality life.

I wish to quickly address some topical remedies which are entirely natural, anti-bacterial, PH balancing and firming agents that have little to no negative side effects unless your skin is very sensitive.

Essential Oils and natural oils like Alfazema, Árvore de chá, Neem, Amêndoa, Cânhamo Seed, Jajoba and much more offer perfect properties in balancing the skins PH, in addition to destroying harmful bacteria and disease. Lavender and Tea Tree in addition to Neem essential oils are used for ages in preventing disease and healing wounds and lesions. Natural plant oils, such as olive oil, hemp oil and others are excellent for revitalizing and healing abrasions upon the skins surface. Remember not to scratch or pick at current blemishes, as to not disperse bacteria and cause inflammation and scarring.


All these distinct lifestyle alterations and enhancements will manifest a luminous and healthy, balanced body for any person that desires a luminous and healthy complexion. Again, this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, and it has to be sustained in order to create appropriate synergy and stability long term. Watch as you realize that the radiance surface upon your skin and in your life.