Encerramento de cactos de pêra espinhosa e frutas de atum na paisagem do Texas com o pôr-do-sol ao fundo.

It’s essential that we keep our immune system in a level where we form a virtual shield around us to keep the damaging culprits from penetrating. It’s becoming clear that one of the significant maladies causing us pain and suffering in so many varying ways is Inflammation.

Good health is everything

Without it, the smallest task can be unbelievably tricky. However, as soon as we can maintain our good health, it is almost as though no barrier is too high to stop us from discovering our wellness targets and, then, our life’s purpose.

Alimentos saudáveis

It’s crucial that we eat natural foods containing antioxidant properties… A rare and extremely potent class of antioxidants called Betalains are seen at the Nopal Cactus of the Sonoran Desert. These betalains are somewhat rare and incredibly strong. Their location plays a huge part in their incredible antioxidant abilities.

It’s a result of the extreme cold and hot weather conditions in this desert this plant must withstand these powerful betalains are made. Sonoran Desert weather conditions are among the coldest and hottest on the world.

A safe and efficient method of exploiting these betalains, without losing some of the potent medicinal properties has been established, creating a healthful, strong, and tasty drink, scientifically demonstrated to shield and enhance the immune system and generally improve general health.

Nopal Cactus

Betalains are the pigments providing the Nopal Cactus fruit its bright, vibrant pink colour. They’re also natural antioxidants only found in very few of the planet’s plants. And the fruit of this Nopal Cactus is the leader of the group, containing one of the maximum quantity of betalains in character.

When these betalains enter the body, they start to restore vitality on a cellular level. They help the body reduce any toxins surrounding cells. This enables essential nutrients to reach every cell. These betalains can lessen the inflammation in our bodies; inflammation that has now been demonstrated to lead to disease.

Betalains benefits

    • Reduce the danger of blood clots protecting the thin lining of blood vessels; this helps reduce the inflammation which produces blood sticky and leads to clots.
    • Reduce cholesterol. Betalains strongly reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol.
    • Protect cells from toxins. Betalains protect various kinds of cells, especially brain cells, from toxins known to activate tumors.
    • Protect the liver. Betalains offer significant protection against toxins that directly affect your liver.

They detoxify our body from the toxins from our air, food and water; they and other anti-toxic ingredients serve to fight these toxins where they strike us : right inside the trillions of cells within our own bodies.

At the risk of getting a bit technical here, by increasing the action of CYP-2E1, a particular enzyme that neutralizes daily toxins, betalains protects our tissues and vital organs; particularly our liver, against the carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory toxins, developmental toxins and neurotoxins which are responsible for one-quarter of all of the world’s diseases.


Reducing inflammation as radicals attack our system and when disease sets in following an accident, is important in our effort to ward off additional complications. Inflammation is a bodily reaction to these occurrences. If we allow inflammation to go unchecked, it may result in a huge array of ailments, from stroke to arthritis to heart disease. Medical experts around the world are now recognizing the health risks posed by inflammation.

It’s desirable that we specifically target indications of inflammation in the body and reduce them fast. Ingesting betalains and other anti inflammatory ingredients operate directly on the fluid surrounding your cells. There, they draw off the toxins and excess water to decrease inflammation and rebalance the mobile environment.

Betalains also protect against premature aging. Our skin keeps out many of these toxins, pollutants, radiation and other harmful impacts on our own body and its vital organs. Among the first signs of aging is thin, sagging, withered skin that’s easily damaged. We are in need of antioxidants and betalains to shore up our protective coating. They could fill in the gaps of our cells (such as the cells in our skin) and return them to the firm, strong nature of youthful cells – at any age. By providing a wholesome atmosphere for the mobile, betalains keep it from withering.


Obviously, I am a strong proponent of antioxidants, especially, super-antioxidants such as are found in this miracle of nature from the Sonoran Desert. For people who also share an interest in the healthy enhancement and protection of our own bodies, you’ll find below a link to a site for additional information and investigation. The website will also introduce you to some wonderful, betalain-antioxidant rich product which I highly recommend.