Of all of the things in life that we could be, neutral appears to be among the least appealing. If your parent asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you’re to have replied neutral, I guess you wouldn’t have received much praise for your choice.

Can you be Neutral?

We’re educated to be for things against things. This is how our communities have socialized us. But what if it’s in neutrality which you could move beyond your famous perceptions and step into the world of endless possibility. The realm where the world can only meet your desires. You are not pushing or pulling, but only standing still while moving across the track of life waiting to get everything that you need from your origin.

If you can get beyond your own mind-race enough to be the observer of your thoughts and see that through everything there is just what is right now in this present moment, then it’s possible to see all of the effort that’s put into attempting to make your own reality will finally fade away and give you a feeling of loss. However, if you’re able to maintain neutrality, knowing you’re moving ahead toward your soul’s fulfillment, then all things which come to you seem to do this directly from the bounty of the world. As though another stone was put in front of your toes and you then take the step forward to property safely on it.

I know that such statements could be seen as being naive or overly optimistic, not living in reality, but I’d encourage you to keep reading and keep an open mind. I know your feelings. I’ve felt them many times throughout my life as I’ve wrestled with myself and my perceptions.

Recognizing the Push & Pull

The first step I would like you to start practicing is to observe your thoughts and your life. Look to the areas which you feel dissatisfaction with. What’s happening in these areas? Are things not good enough, not quite right, leaving you feeling frustrated? Do you feel that only a few more things need to fall into place and you’ll have all you have to be happy? What is it that you’re pulling yourself toward and what is it that you’re pushing away?

We are in need of goals in life, they help us learn things about ourselves and relate to other human beings, that is the entire point of the journey here. We’ve come here for a purpose, to find out something where we could develop into our souls more deeply. The question is in whether it’s the destination or the journey that leaves you feeling fulfilled. The push and pull are all about the destination. So concentrated on it in fact that the journey never seems good enough since the journey isn’t the destination. It can be. The destination might never be attained, it may change and in so occurring will leave you feeling angry and defeated. But if it’s in the journey that you feel peace, the travel that you feel expansion, the travel that you feel empowerment, then you can never fail. You’re on a journey your whole life. A series of journeys that lead to more journeys, on and on until your life reaches its ending.

That idea right there might have only got you upset. My life ending with only a whole lot of journeys?! ‘That’s pointless,’ you could say, ‘What was accomplished?’ If a goal wasn’t attained then what was the function of the life. This is the inner wrestle, the pull and push. It happens both externally and internally, sometimes at the exact same time, stirring you up to a ball of emotional turmoil, feeling out of place, out of sync and out of control. These are the moments it is crucial to re-ground, re-group and re-assure yourself that you’re on your path. You’re here, right now and growing in this moment with perfect layout. You return to neutrality, calm and you stop pushing and pulling. You start to take what comes into your life and live with joy.

How to feel Neutrality?

That might sound too simple and in fact it’s that simple, but that simplicity is what makes it challenging. When we are goal oriented it just seems too easy to concentrate on the travel, the current step. If I take my eyes from this destination then I will falter, I will not reach it, I will not be concentrated. The goal won’t be achieved. There’s a retraining of the brain that has to take place to adopt this ease of flow. You have to start to witness the notions. Witness the resistance and consciously let it pass from you and feel neutrality. It’s like a wave of peace coming over you, like a breeze of fresh air blowing in and cleaning out all of the pain, hurt, worry, anxieties and frustrations which stagnate in mind as they roll back and forth, ever repeating their loop of discontent. Breathe in now, a deep breath, that flows throughout your whole body. Feel the push and pull stop. Feel the calm in the center and understand that this is your stone. This is your spirit, based deeply within your body, like a pole of light which runs head to toe. It won’t ever steer you wrong and it’s a magnet of attraction for all the things you need in your life to keep your growth. Listen to its telephone and follow it. It is beyond the mind, deeper than the brain, stronger than the mind.

This is the first step, the first recognition. Now the job is to practice this every day. Practice centering yourself, recognizing the pushing and pulling and returning to neutrality.


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