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Hemorrhoids can be treated at each stage. Many those who suffer from them find relief by means of home therapy. In the event they haven’t succeeded to relieve the symptoms, they generally undergo nonsurgical treatments, the so called fixative procedures.

Fixative procedures

Fixative processes are different for operation of the hemorrhoids. They include:


A device called Zeroid has been available as an alternative treatment of hemorrhoids. This utilizes cryotherapy as a home remedy process. The device is a plastic cylinder 15 mm in diameter and 6 sm long and contains a gel that might be frozen in the freezer or in the fridge. The device is introduced into the anus. As it taws from the rectal canal, the temperature of the interior tissues gets lower.

The activity of thawing takes up from 5 to 10 minutes. The invent is inserted twice per day and the treatment continues for approximately 3 weeks. This method alleviates the symptoms – eliminates pain and distress and prevents bleeding episodes. In some cases a substantial shrinkage of the hemorroidal lumps can be observed.

Light coagulation

This process stops the blood flow to the hemorrhoid unit by inducing the affected tissue to shrink and die.

Laser coagulation

Lasers used in medicine provide an alternative to the conservative treatment of hemorrhoids. Laser coagulation is a fairly simple and painless process which cuts off blood supply to the hemorroidal unit.

Rubber band ligation

This system uses a rubber band to tie the base of the hemorrhoid unit and cut it off from the blood flow and because of this it dies and falls of in about a week.

Natural remedies of hemorrhoids

Natural remedies are simple to be implemented in the home and maintain the hemorrhoids of getting worse or of recurring following fixative procedures. These include:

Emu oil

Applied as an ointment on the affected area it strengthens the cells, alleviates the pain and distress from external hemorrhoids.


This is a plant (Ranunculusficaria) that could be applied as an ointment or taken as tea. It reduces the pain of external hemorrhoids successfully.


Applied on the affected region in the form of a jelly or a spray, it numbs the skins and alleviates the pain and aggravation from hemorrhoids.

Sitting baths

This process presents a simple alleviation of pain and hemorrhoid prevention. You have to dip the affected region in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water for approximately 15 minutes two or three times each day.

High-fiber diet

To strengthen the veins of the anus and rectum and prevent hemorrhoids occurrence, an individual needs to include in his diet cherries, blackberries, butcher’s broom and flavonoids. Tha latter are plant pigments that are found in fruit, soy beans and tea.

Topical analgetics

They provide a temporary pain relief and don’t fight the entire assortment of the hemorrhoid symptoms.


These techniques are most effective in hemorrhoid units in the first and second stage. If the hemorrhoids have severe – third and fourth phases, surgical treatment is advised.