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Attention, impulse control and hyperactivity issues. The diagnostic label Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A growing number of children and teens are being diagnosed with ADHD on a daily basis. The condition, if left untreated, could lead to a variety of issues including family stress, school disruption, criminality and substance abuse. School-aged kids with ADHD have poor academic performance, social, psychological and adaptive skills.

The Massage

Various medicines and treatments have become available to treat ADHD. Today, I want to discuss one such therapy. Massage. I believe, at this stage, that something important has to be said. Massage, as a treatment for ADHD should be regarded as a complimentary treatment. Before, complimentary therapy was known as alternative treatment, implying that it should take the place of more traditional medication. This has resulted in wonderful, miraculous recovery stories, but also as many sad and unnecessary conditions where circumstances have worsened and in acute cases caused death. For serious ailments and conditions that may be life threatening or may cause serious future problems, always seek assistance from a medical practitioner and then, with your healing professional’s approval, include other remedies to compliment their treatment program.

That said, massage can be a very valuable tool in helping to relieve the effects of ADHD and may result in excellent relief for parents and kids alike.


Lots of teens with ADHD were chosen to commence two kinds of therapy. One group was sent for relaxation treatment. Another group was sent to get a set of massage treatments. The results surprised many as kids who received the massage treatment rated themselves as feeling more happy than those who had engaged in the comfort treatment. Observers also rated them as being fidgety and concentrated following the sessions. Teachers also noticed a substantial reduction in hyperactivity for the massage therapy group but not for the comfort therapy group.

Feedback from parents of kids with ADHD in my practice have reported several other differences in their children, such as improved assurance, an over-all more relaxed kid, improved moods, and improved sleeping patterns. I also have treated an ADHD teenager who was involved in an auto crash. She was extremely nervous and nervous in the car then. After only one session, the teenager got to the car with her mother, turned around in her chair and slept peacefully during their 60km trip home. Massage, though mainly used as a form of comfort, holds many advantages. Massage is a mechanical cleanser (raises the interchange of cells fluids emptied in the capillaries and lymphatic system), it improves circulation, contributes to an overall state of comfort, adds to general well-being, relieves muscle spasms, improves muscle tone, creates an alpha state where the human body and mind are completely relaxed, promotes good digestion, relieves head, neck and backache, is a fantastic aid in releasing negative and pent-up emotions, and enhances self-esteem. These are simply a few of the advantages, but when one looks at this list, it’s not surprising that massage can work wonders in the case of ADHD.


To summarize, just a couple of short massage sessions weekly can be extremely helpful for your child or teenager that has been diagnosed with ADHD. Obviously, a 1 hour full body massage will likely be a little much for your own child or teenager to take care of due to the fact they have difficulty staying still for extended intervals, but brief 20 – 30 minute sessions will be a wonderful start and should begin showing results within the first couple of sessions. Furthermore, supplementing professional remedies with brief home massages can help tremendously. This will also strengthen your bond with your child. Speak to a massage therapist about personal training in a couple of straightforward methods that you can use at home between specialist.