Reduce Sugar Concept. Sugar Cubes In Declining Chart

Sugar, you either love it or hate it. However, I’ve yet to meet 1 person who does not love this sweet treat. Whether it’s in cake, tea or coffee, sugar is an extra staple to a number of the most tantalizing desserts and dishes. Yet, sugar is among the primary culprits which contributes to a disheartening health conditions like diabetes, obesity, nutrient deficiency, asthma, allergies, ADHD, anxiety, depression and many additional deficiencies and health conditions. But why is it that people love sugar ?

O açúcar é tão viciante quanto as drogas ilegais

It’s simply not about the sweet flavor that sugar has to offer, but it is about the pleasure center this sweet crystalline substance sends to our mind. Numerous studies have shown that glucose is at least as addictive as cocaine, because sugar stimulates the mind the same way drugs do. In actuality, 1 research project demonstrated this to be true. According to the research, they gave some fighters double stuffed cookies, and some rat’s cocaine. They quickly found that by eating the cookies, the rats triggered more neurons in the brains pleasure centre. What’s even more shocking: The neurons were present in the ingestion of cookies than it had been in the usage of cocaine. When folks raise their sugar intake, they’re releasing the “feel good” chemicals; dopamine and serotonin. There’s no secret that sugar is extremely addictive!

Como você conquista seu vício em açúcar?

There’s hope for those who are addicted to sugar. If you’re, do not sweat it, because I have 7 easy hints that will assist you finish your craving for this fun filled stuff.

Óleo Essencial Slim & Sassy

The title says it all. This unique blend of lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, ginger, and cinnamon will have you saying “what is sugar?” in no time! Not only does this suppress your sugar cravings, but in addition, it suppresses your appetite in addition to shrinks your fat cells. As you can see this essential oil is crucial to have at all times.

Coma alimentos integrais e orgânicos

Neste mundo de cães que comem, é realmente fácil ficar de lado e não comer alimentos que alimentam nosso espírito e nossas mentes. Em vez disso, apertamos o simples botão e escolhemos servir refeições processadas e embaladas para nossos entes queridos e amados. O desafio é que uma grande parte desses alimentos processados é embalada com açúcares escondidos e outros culpados que contribuem para a saúde precária. Livrar-se desses almoços e jantares de papelão desagradáveis, e substituí-los por produtos integrais e satisfatórios. Certifique-se de que você come frutas com baixo índice glicêmico e também um pouco de açúcar para obter os melhores resultados.


Most of the time, when people are craving sugar, they’re craving something more. They are normally craving, link, belonging or joy. Typically, they are trying to feel good. So, rather than going for that sweet treat, go for a fast jog outside or on the treadmill. Why? Because when you maintain physically active, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. They deliver pleasure centers to your mind giving you a sense of pure joy and some even say a “natural high”.

Use Alternativas Naturais

Às vezes pode ser muito complicado passar sem açúcar. Imagine beber chá ou café sem algum tipo de doçura para ele. Enquanto algumas pessoas são corajosas e podem tomar seu chá e café sem nada a mais, você pode fazer algo diferente. Existem escolhas naturais e saudáveis como canela ou óleo de coco que você poderia usar para substituir o açúcar por suas bebidas favoritas.


Kicking a sugar addiction can be a challenging task. The first step to understanding you have a sugar addiction is to become conscious of the times you eat and crave sugar. The ideal way to keep track of your sugar cravings is to write them down. Carry a journal with you at all times and take note of if you’re craving sugar. When you are able to journal and ask yourself thought provoking questions, you’ll have the ability to identify if it is really a sugar craving or a craving for something deeper which isn’t related to food. By writing down your ideas, you’ll have the ability to control the desire to eat more sugar.

Simplesmente não coma açúcar

I know this could be a tricky task to accomplish. But, I am here to tell you it is doable. With a little will power and motivation, you’ll have the ability to throw sugar out as it was yesterday’s trash. Before you eat any sort of food, ensure to read labels for hidden sugars. Be mindful of every sort of vegetable, food or bite that you put in your mouth. Only choose to eat foods that don’t have any sugar in them whatsoever.


Sometimes, your mind will tell you that you should absolutely need to have sugar. If there’s absolutely not any way you may give up sugar completely, simply follow the principle of dilution. Whether you’ve got a fruit juice or carbonated beverage, fill up half of the beverage with water. By adding water, you’re cutting your sugar consumption in half. Once you dilute your beverages long enough, you will most likely start craving non-sugary beverages and forget about sugar!


Whether you’re kicking your sugar addiction to shed weight, be healthier or prolong your life, you can follow these 7 easy strategies and begin to see the difference immediately. The secret is to not just kick your sugar habit for your new year’s resolution, but remove sugar from your diet for the rest of your life. By doing this, your body, mind and soul will thank you.