woman is holding and planting some oregano seed in a plant pot full of fresh soil and compost

If anybody mentions oregano, it’s normal that you begin pondering and relishing into culinary recipes of oregano herbs. You may be like most people of planet earth, imagining oregano is for mere sauces and tea. You are, in fact quite near to the true usage of oregano.


Commonly found in tomato-based dishes, oregano is a principal ingredient of Spanish, Italian recipes and Mediterranean cooking. Additionally, it possesses excellent remedial properties also. Growing oregano is vital for good health, oregano leaves make a delicious cup of rejuvenating tea. It locates various uses for treatment for gas, stomach upsets, cough and cold, urinary troubles, and headaches.

Culinary and Health Benefits

    • There’s no denying that oregano has existed since medieval times both in and out of the kitchen. It’s a culinary delight in Spanish and Italian cuisines.
    • Growing oregano provides many advantages because of its many curative properties. Some individuals swear it can cure fever, toothache, diarrhea, nausea, and sometimes even jaundice.
    • Oregano combined with Manjericão, both are married to each other as many a dishes such as sauce comprise both herbs being used concurrently. Oregano is used in plenty of vegetable dishes combined with Basil in addition to a zest on many different meats. They’re also utilized in conjunction for potpourris.
    • Everyone approves that refreshing grown oregano is to a great extent more tasty than the dried herb. No wonder, moms are busy tending and growing oregano herbs in their own kitchen herb garden for the fresh flavor.
    • Oregano and Manjerona are best friends when used together. They team up in soaps and perfumes and are extra-ordinary sources of antioxidants and antibacterial compositions.

Growing Oregano Herbs

Oregano plant is a perennial which requires winter protection against extreme cold climates. It’ll grow two feet tall with a round, sprawling spread in a sunny and bright site. In mid or late summer, white or pinkish-purple flower spikelets blossom out of the oregano plant. If you’re planting oregano seeds, you have an option of cultivating oregano indoors in little pots. Grow oregano before winter commences at a sunny windowsill having an adequate quantity of water. It is possible to transplant oregano outside after the frost season is over in massive containers or dirt beds approximately ten to 12 inches apart. Water Resistant herbs only when they’re dry. There’s absolutely not any need of fertilizer, if the soil is a fantastic mixture of peat and clay. Leaves can be plucked as and if needed, harvest oregano leaves as flower buds form for the best aroma.

Storing Oregano Herbs

After the oregano foliage is cleaned, dried and then crushed, it can be put in an empty jar. To dry oregano, cut stems and dry them in a tray. Additionally, you may add water from the dried leaves that are dried to form a gel like substance which may be treated as cream for treating arthritis, irritation of skin, sore and inflamed muscle cells. For a luxurious relaxing bath, use oregano leaves at a gentle hot bathtub water. Grow oregano for the refreshing aroma and more lasting good health.