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The fact of it all, is that you need that extra -power- to Quit Smoking. Motivation, drive, willpower, anxiety, over-eating and weight gain. Its all part of it, and sometimes, overwhelming. Quit Smoking Cigarettes and Cigars all by yourself for long term effects. You’ll have the basic tools at your fingertips rather than a Doogin. Live longer, be Healthier and Happier.


 It is a Natural Herb that’s been used over the centuries with the goal of Healing. Not to be confused with Devils Tobacco Lobelia siphilitica, when smoked, the poisonous leaves cause a hallucinogenic intoxicant effect.

There are over a thousand chemicals that Tobacco Companies put to the processing of the Tobacco you smoke. I really don’t want to dissuade you by listing them after all; the purpose is to Quit Smoking. However, have you ever considered the thousands of dollars Tobacco Companies spend in Insurance to give you a luxury? Supply yourself with your Insurance benefit by stopping smoking.

Tobacco Properties

Tobacco not only has a Natural ability for Healing, additionally, it has a Natural capability to be Addictive when consumed internally. Thus, it leads to the consumer to want to keep consuming. Thats why Insurance Companies love Tobacco Companies. Naturally, and of course, the countless Addictive additives used in the current current business Tobacco products.

If you are concerned about gaining weight when you Quit Smoking or in the process , use the 12 Herbs for Safe Weight Loss. It’s Natural Cleanser and a Blood Purifier and can help you supplement the removal of the unpleasant effects of smoking.

Here’s an Herbal Combination which you could make from the privacy of your own home to Quit Smoking and nobody needs to know you’re using it. This Formula will suppress your appetite for Tobacco and Nicotine and will get you on the path to stop smoking Now. Why? Because your determination are the benefactor of your success.

Tincture Formula

      • Lúpulo: Is a tonic to the system. Will relax the body when nervous disorders exist because of withdraw. Will relieve headache, nightmares, night sweats and depression. Contains Lupulin that’s a sedative and hypnotic drug.
      • Skullcap: Is used as a sleeping aid, great for smoking, alcoholism, insomnia, headache and migraines.
      • Olmo escorregadio: Used as a pabulum for infants. Its useful for cancer, colitits, mucous membranes, burns, bronchitis, lungs, inflammation, hemorrhage, fractures, flu, constipation, eczema, hoarseness, smoking.
      • Valeriana: Used for pain, insomnia, fever, shock, lumbago, colds, headache, smoking, ulcers and wounds.
      • Cohosh Negro: Good for headaches due to withdraw and nervous disease. Aids the lungs and increases circulation. Helps curb the appetite for smoking.
      • Cayenne: Is great for the whole circulatory system. It regulates the heart and blood pressure. When combined with other herbs it functions as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of the other herbs. Contains: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Sulfur.
      • Ladys Slipper: Similar to Valerian Root. Used to test hysteria. Smoking desire is depreciated by its usage.
      • Lobelia: Contains Lobeline that’s an alkaloid and is the sole active ingredient. Lobeline has a cross tolerance to smoking. The need for nicotine is significantly depreciated.
      • Mistletoe: Used as a nervine and antispasmodic. Will check convulsions, blood pressure, asthma and equally. Contains: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium.
      • Wood Betony: Good for nervous disorders, migraine headaches, dizziness, gout, digestive disorders, convulsions, kidneys, heart, stomach, liver, heartburn, cough, bronchitis, reduces pain and perspiration.

Mix Combination in equal portions 1/4th cup each. Put into a mason jar. Fill about a inch from the top with 100 percent Everclear alcohol or Glycerin. Seal tightly. Let sit for 14 days shaking the jar occasionally to agitate the Herbs. Decant off into another glass container and then fill a little Tincture jar using a dripper top. Take it with you whenever you go out or believe you need that extra boost of courage. 15 drops in your beverage or 1-2 drops on your tongue is going to do. Has a high content of vitamin C.

Use 1 teaspoon three times per day. Put it in your water or juice or take straight. The special blend of Herbs makes a psychological impact on the mind that tells you I dont need a smoke right now– You will see that if you light up a smoke it will almost make you sick to your stomach. Go ahead, have a puff and see how you feel afterward.

Additional Beneficial Herbs

      • Catnip: Soothing and relaxing into the machine as it alleviates tension, nervous disorders and migraines. Used to prevent vomiting and diarrhea. Reduces water retention and helps suppress the craving for smoking.
      • Echinacea: One of the best cleansers for the Lymphatic System. Drink warm will cleanse the stomach from morbid matter because of smoking. Will also reduce the urge for smoking. Take 1 capsule 3 times per day for 10 days. Rest 7 days. Repeat if desired.
      • Peppermint: A mild sedative when taken hot before going to bed. Helps restore digestion problems brought on by smoking. A strong warm cup acts as a stimulant. Use in the mornings in place of coffee.

More Tips

To ease mucous, use the steam bath technique. Drape a towel over your head and leaning over steam. Breathe as deeply as possible. Spit out any accumulated mucous. You might want to consider treating yourself to a Mucousless Diet for around a week. You will know when the time is ideal for it.

To help flush out and dry up the mucous create a Saline Solution. This solution is excellent for any sort of ailment where mucous is present.

Using a large stainless steel or glass jar, add approximately one heaping Tablespoon of Salt to half gallon warm Water. Mix until dissolved. Put the gut into the side of the sink and hang over your head. Plug 1 nostril with one cup and hand a huge quantity of water in the hands of the other. Sniff the Saline Solution the nose up. Do the other nostril exactly the identical way. Repeat. This will flush the mucous out via the nose and out the mouth. Sound gross? Fine, suffer afterward. Dont knock it till you try it.

Drinking copious amounts of water will flush the system. Eat Salsa. Yep, the fresher the better. It’s a breath freshener and helps the kidneys when flushing the machine.

Eat Licorice. Red or black makes no difference. Licorice has a -calming the nerves- impact, helps lower Cholesterol and can be non-fattening. Your success in Quitting Smoking utilizing this Herbal Combination will reveal its Benefits immediately with long term outcomes. Keep it with you anytime you encounter dreams of smoking and once the odor calms your senses. A few drops under your tongue will prove beneficial. Your Pocketbook, Insurance Rates, Longevity of your Clothes and Furniture, Hair, Face, Skin and Taste buds will thank you for it. Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle by creating Healthy Choices.