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Every thought creates a consequence. By the energy we give to every thought, we produce either a positive or a negative effect. Thought comes first, then the words, then the activity. Thoughts are real forces. Understanding and harnessing the Power of our Thoughts is the trick to find the true potential that lies within all kids.

The Power of Thoughts

As more people become conscious of the ability of their Thoughts and how important it is to modify their negative thinking to positive thinking, the development of the planet is going to be changed forever-for the better good of all humankind.

A wonderful proportion of kids go through life without positive knowledge. They have absolutely no control over their ideas, their thoughts just thinks whatever it needs to think, with no regard as to who it might hurt. Their mind is running wild and out of control.

Many children have never been educated about the Power of Thoughts. They didn’t learn it in school, or by their teachers or parents. Because many adults don’t know.

Adults teach children what they know, but what they know might not be so. Many adults reside completely from the outside world. A world that is widespread with Negativity, Manipulation, Lies, Illusions, and Disappointments. Driven by materialism and narcissism.

Many parents don’t understand how to make wise decisions. Many parents go through their entire life without learning life skills. Parents do the best they can to raise their kids with the knowledge they’ve learned, in the circumstances and situations which they dwelt in. If they’ve been raised in a negative damaging environment, to often the negativity is passed ahead generation to generation until somebody decides to make a positive change. Will that be you? Will you make that shift? Are you going to break the chains of negativity in your loved ones? Negativity is like a generational curse. It’s quite destructive.

Estilo de Vida Equilibrado

To live a fantastic balanced lifestyle we must first learn how to live from the inside out. The true spiritual man is inside. Be the one to take a leap of faith. Change your life and become a positive, loving, leading, and kind, inspiring individual. Learn how to live in the inside, your transformation will shine on others. Especially the ones you live with.

Even in case you fail and keep backsliding, keep on working on your own. Never give up. Allow yourself to drawn by the stronger pull of what and who you’re.

Unfortunately, we can’t change somebody else. We can only help others by setting an example. People will change by viewing the change and differences in us. Continuously keep seeding the Light, the Truth, and the Love. Children thrive on Love, Firmness, Understanding, and Consistency.

We must first come to be the changes we would like to see others. Let the true authentic perfect person within who knows all facts evolve. All individuals have the seeds of divinity in them. Negativity will separate us from Divinity.

Positive Thinking for all Children

Discovering the Power of Thoughts is the trick to the discovery of the true potential within us all. As individuals become more aware of the power of the ideas, and just how important it is to think positive, leading, uplifting thoughts they’ll be prepared for life. Prepare your kids for a fantastic life. Help them to understand that we’ll never rise any higher in life than our level of thinking.

Positive thoughts, words, and actions, reap positive results. All children are born with the seeds of greatness planted deep inside them. They all have Value, Identity, and a Purpose. Unfortunately for some, these seeds aren’t nurtured so they never grow. They live an entire life time in negativity and pay the ultimate price.

Would you like your kids to walk through life in righteousness? Would you like your children to satisfy their hearts needs and to follow their dreams? Would you like them to fight through life living with the consequences of the transgressions?

You won’t ever find a prosperous enthusiastic vibrant and joyful person speaking negatively. That situation just does not and can’t exist.

How many parents say they love their kids, yet they talk contaminating harmful negative harsh words. How many parents are raising their kids in duality? Telling children not to do certain things yet doing them yourselves. Telling them to tell the truth, yet they hear you tell lies-to frequently. Teaching them false piety or false beliefs. Do you ever question your beliefs, do you ever ask yourself, How do I know this belief is correct, or where it came out, until you pass them on to your kids.

A smart man once said:

“One evening an old Indian wise man told his grandson about the conflict that goes on in our mind. The constant battle of positive and negative thoughts.

One of them is evil he explained; It’s thoughts of anger, jealousy, sorrow, greed, arrogance self-pity, guilt, bitterness, lies, revenge, inferiority, false-pride, superiority, despise, fear and ego.

The other Is great, it’s love, peace, joy, hope, religion, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, compassion, true-truth approval and an open center with goodwill towards all men and for the terrific world we live in. The grandson thought about it for a few minutes and he then asked his grandfather. Which one will wins this battle?

The one which you decide to Feed and Focus on. His grandfather replied.”

All is about Love

All of us love our children but they frequently become strangers to us. This is a time to look inside and ask yourself, What do I do to improve my relationship with my kids? Do you tell your kids you love them and then kill it with your own words? Are you contributing to your relationships twenty four hours a day? Alternatively, are you currently contaminating your relationships twenty four hours a day? This is after all of your choice.

Do you talk to your kids in an offensive rude insulting unkind hurtful way? This can kill a childs soul. Do you speak untruths? This teaches children to lie. Do you respond to what by yelling obscenities when they misbehave? This induces a child to withdraw. Do you use the silent treatment. This makes them feel unwanted.

This is unacceptable behavior you’re behaving like a child. It’s time to grow up and act as the parent. Please talk to your kids with respect and love as little adults. Negotiate and seek out new ways to meet each other’s needs.

I know it’s tough to have self-control all of the time, however please don’t respond to every little thing. Stay calm and talk with understanding, don’t take things personally like everything is your fault. It isn’t about you. It’s about your kids and their life. You’re the parent. Parents are the guardians, the teachers as well as the protectors of children. Take responsibility for it.

Relationships have to be constantly nourished or they’ll fall apart. The respect and love for one another will perish.

Parents Responsibilities

It’s a parents responsibility to seed phrases of:

I love you.
How are you feeling?
Are you happy?
Is anything bothering you?
I am so thankful to have you in my life.
You’re such a blessing to me.
You’re so smart.
You’ll have the ability to achieve whatever you want to do.
I have absolute faith in you.
You’re such a fantastic child.
I am so proud of you.

Take a positive step and bring positive changes to your loved ones.

Do you hold a family meeting every week with writing pads and paper to discuss any problems suggestions grievances or questions? Have you got a box on your kitchen for everybody to put suggestions to be discussed at next weeks meeting? Does everyone in your household have a voice? These items unite a family giving each one an opportunity to talk and give their thoughts. Always remember there are 3 sides to every problem.

As a parent you have to set the bounds and they need to be kept. What are the rules in your dwelling? Are your kids getting eight hours sleep each night? Sleep deprivation causes stress which could effect their learning.

A smart man once said: “There is absolutely no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.”

Always resolve disagreements before going to bed. If you state punishment is to be grounded without a computer or tv for a predetermined time period. Then that’s what it has to be. You have to follow through with your word. It’s extremely important to always keep your word. Your word is your magic wand. If you place chores as a punishment, then they need to be completed. Children feel that you care more, when everybody lives by household rules.

Child Feelings

If a child picks up a lack of love in your words and actions towards them they will accept your words as reality and feel they are not loved. They’ll become that person because they believe you. If a child is increased by cold unloving parents that the child will feel unwanted and unloved life then becomes a cruel cold presence for them everyday.

When a child is shown no affection whatsoever they will start looking for love somewhere else. Somewhere else sadly is often a poor choice such as drinking, smoking, emotional eating or promiscuous behaviour.

Do you know where your kids are and what they’re doing? Do you know who they’re spending their time? If you don’t set your detective hat and find out. Teach them that the world is governed by legislation and so are people. You can’t be accountable for all their errors and misjudgments. However you may accept that they’re kids learning and stumbling. Help them direct them support them and appreciate them. It’s our obligation to teach them how to make sensible decisions.

When children know they are loved and trusted they’re happy. When they grow up and become adults respect their right to choose their own route. They could be old souls and understand what their mission and purpose is in this life.

Avoid Negative Karmic Debt

Don’t set your expectations to high for yourself or them. Don’t expect them to be perfect.
We the parents aren’t perfect either. We’re all just working towards perfection. So let it be said that you love your kids even if they’re not perfect. They love you and they understand that you aren’t perfect.

I am certain that sometimes you’re so proud of them you could burst with happiness, and at times you think that you cannot cope. Funnily enough children appear to deal well with imperfect conditions once we accept our imperfect kids.

Being the parent doesn’t give you a license to hurt them. We must abstain from hurting anyone whatsoever including ourselves. If we do not we’re developing a negative karmic debt.

Open your heart wide to your child and be large enough to admit to them when you’re incorrect. Be Honest. Be a kind loving contributing human being.

To be a human being that you don’t need bright lights or outer world delights of alcohol drugs and smokes. Contributing to the achievement of your child’s life is to be a fantastic human being. We will need to be good parents and to get a fantastic character. This sets a good example for them to live by.

Parents need be business strong and unwavering through life’s storms. A rock for our kids to lean on when they aren’t coping with life. To make wise peaceful choices for all who are involved. To continuously grow and give up ego. To be silent strong and brave. To have self-respect, self-esteem, dignity, a healthy pride. Te be honest, dedicated, keeping your word, honoring each other and believe in each other. If you are a fantastic leader your kids will follow you.

True genuine, Happiness and Joy comes from being used in other peoples lives. It’s not by a superficial immediate material satisfaction. It’s a state of mind and being connected with nature and humanity. It’s contentment, satisfaction, peace, caring goodwill, compassion that target warm heartedness acceptance feeling and love needed. Have you found joy in your life? Have you ever given pleasure to others?

Path of Accomplishments

Take your kids out on a fantasy day. Inspire them to dream big dreams to have a vision and to establish goals. Take them to a college, a courthouse, a library, the theater, a live concert, to the ballet or an opera. Show them all the opportunities that are available for them. Help them to make a mental picture of what they may want their life to be like.

Start your kids on a path of accomplishments. It’s been proven that in case you start your kids very young on a career path they get motivated enthusiastic and focused. Many have begun as young as four years old. Dancing, singing, playing a classical violin or a piano, behaving painting, photography or writing. All these activities show fabulous results. However research has discovered that classical actions have the best outcomes. These actions include character building. Speak with them and find out where they want to begin and get them started.

Sharing your life with kids and watching them succeed knowing that you played a small role in their accomplishments is pure JOY. How much are you willing to give of yourself?

Teach your kids about human rights. Human rights must be safeguarded. All of us have a responsibility to this because we’re all human beings. We’re all equal and we’re more alike than we are different. The poor and the cultural human beings have minimum protection and they don’t have any defense. We have to consider that people are innocent until they are proven beyond reasonable doubt to be guilty, and even then we shouldn’t judge them. Whatever they’ve done isn’t who they are. Maybe your child will become the upcoming human rights attorney with the core of Martin Luther King.

We’re not born with negativity: we’re taught negativity

Excerpt from an old hymn:

“You need to be educated to hate and to reside in fear and it develops from year to year. You need to be educated to live in love and light and it will grow from the boundless guidance above.”

We’ve got the power and the ability to create a house that is similar to living life in paradise on earth, or we can create a house that’s living life in hell on earth. It’s your choice.

Live with your children in love and light. Teach them to live a life that matters. Live a spiritual life devoted to the growth of consciousness for consciousness sake itself. Live the Impersonal Life.

Create your Paradise

My visualization of paradise is that heaven is more beautiful than anybody can imagine or comprehend. Words alone can’t describe it and we could live in it everyday. Create your paradise in your home with your loved ones and reside in it everyday. I live in my paradise everyday and I give thanks to it every night and every day.

I will finish this article with a personal message to all parents. A parents work is not done so why not decide to make it fun. No previous experience is needed. No Self Help schooling book comes with the job. On the job training is offered on a continually exhausting basis. There are no paid holidays and no reimbursements but this job supplies limitless opportunities for personal growth for the rest of your life. If you play with you cards right you may get free hugs for life.

My Love and Respect I send to you. To be a parent is undoubtedly the hardest job on earth. You all deserve a trophy.