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The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and is responsible for the healthy functions of pretty much every other organ. Practically, everything we eat and inhale goes through the liver for purification. The liver also has other important functions and it is thus necessary to be certain we are caring for our liver. In a healthy adult, the liver weighs about 3 lbs., about 6 inches thick and about 3.5 inches long.

What Does the Liver Do?

The liver essentially works as the detox centre in the human body but performs other important functions also.

    • Blood flows to the liver. The liver functions to filter the blood of toxins and impurities before it’s delivered to the other organs. Where do toxins come from? It comes from the foods we eat (processed and fast food), the drugs we take, alcohol ingestion, the air we breathe and other environmental pollutants.
    • The liver also serves the digestive tract by producing bile (stored in the gall bladder) for the powerful breaking down of fats.
    • The liver is also the body’s storehouse. Many vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, are stored in the liver and released to the body as and when required. Additionally, it stores immunologic cells to the immune system.
    • The liver produces energy to the body via the conversion of stored glycogen to glucose.
    • The body’s metabolism largely occurs through the liver. The liver metabolizes lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.
    • Liver functions also involve producing blood clotting compounds to aid in the coagulation of blood.

Are You Overtaxing Your Liver?

A healthy liver can filter roughly 540 gallons of blood per day, but if the liver is overtaxed by an excessive amount of alcohol intake, smoking, saturated fats, environmental pollution or too many foods that contain compounds, the liver is unable to filter all of the blood which passes through it.

Moking and excess alcohol intake can greatly tax the liver. Smoking comprises over 60 chemicals. Additionally, it weakens the capacity of red blood cells so that they’re unable to operate fully in transporting oxygen throughout the blood flow to other organs.

The standard American diet may also place strain on the liver. Many fast foods contain plenty of saturated fats and processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives. Non-organic veggies and fruits contain pesticides. The liver can become laden with fat and is not able to function efficiently.

The liver can’t cope with the extra stress and may become overwhelmed. Because of this, toxins can build up in the body. The elevated levels of toxins in the body may result in the bad function of different organs in the body. Fatigue, acne, headaches, age spots, excessive itching, and poor immune health may be related to poor liver functions.

Considering the liver plays so many critical functions, taking good care of it should be a priority!

Ways to Take Care of Your Liver

There are lots of ways to care for your liver. Adopt a healthier lifestyle-avoid excessive consumption of saturated fats, alcohol and stop smoking. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables daily. Reduce animal fats, caffeine, sugars and foods that are fried. In addition to a nutritious diet, many herbs and nutrition, in well-formulated liver supplements, are popularly understood and utilized to maximize the functions of the liver.

    • Cardo de leite. This comes in the daisy family. It’s known to have liver protective and liver regenerating properties. It assists in detoxification and also will help to alleviate mild digestive disorders.
    • Psyllium Husk. This is an Food and Drug Administration-approved fiber and helps to create nourishment for the liver that it uses to modulate normal cholesterol levels.
    • Dente-de-leão root extracts help to protect liver cells. They encourage blood health and detoxification.
    • Alcachofra powder contains liver protective and liver supporting properties. If you’re thinking about buying artichokes for dinner, don’t forget to buy the organic ones as they are free from pesticides.
    • Olmo escorregadio Bark contains mucilage which assists in relieving some of the digestive disturbances brought on by poor liver functions.
    • Taurine is an amino acid, which has antioxidant properties. It plays a big role in the elimination of toxic chemicals from your system.


Stop taxing your liver, and provide this hardworking organ of your body a helping hand-modify your diet and begin taking liver supplements to support detoxification and healthy liver functions!