Yellow Noni Juice on glass and fruit on cutting board on wood floors.

How many pages and sites have you looked at looking for answers to becoming pregnant? 10, 100, 1000, more? If you are like me (I’m now 35, with PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, failed IVFs… the list goes on) I’m guessing you’ve looked in a hell of a whole lot of websites out there searching for answers and quick to making your dreams happen. It can be so exhausting and emotionally heart breaking to experience this fertility rollercoaster, I will completely understand what it’s like, why? Because I’ve been there.


Polycystic ovarian cysts and endometriosis may make it hard to get pregnant quickly because you do not always ovulate each month so that your odds of making those baby dreams real isn’t as good as it might be. There are tons of drugs available for helping with ovulation, I’ve tried several including clomid, which might or might not work you, it did not for me but the pure approach could give you much more and without the side effects.

There’s still so many young women and girls out there who believe the pain they go through in their menstrual cycle is normal, it is not! But trying to have a conclusive diagnosis for endometriosis isn’t simple and it took me years to finally be told that is what I had and I was not imagining it. I was on lupron, had laparoscopies and finally a laparotomy for the root of the issue.

After deciding that enough was enough with injections, drugs that caused menopausal symptoms and all of the rest, I hunted on the internet for how other girls were healing themselves using natural fertility choices. I’ve been carrying something called noni juice often (which has been associated with reducing inflammation in the body, a common disease of endometriosis) and a Japanese daily nutritional supplement, a highly dense food supplement, which is full of anti-oxidants. These two have substantially reduced the pain and my reproductive and digestive system functions better than I’ve ever known it to.

I only wish I had taken control of my health so much earlier, as opposed to placing it in the hands of fertility clinics for more than 3 decades. I feel so much smarter, fitter, I ovulate as regular as clock work and have done now for well over a year since I got pregnant last year, by simply following a natural fertility program. I never thought my body would function’normally’ and after so many attempts of IVF I’d almost given up hope. I’m so glad I discovered solutions and answers that worked. I hope you do also.

Tips to getting you there

    • Chá Verde, is well known to have numerous health benefits and it does not just have a beneficial impact on the symptoms of endometriosis and pcos but the entire body. I drink at least 5 cups of green tea every day. If you realize that you don’t love the flavor, try flavored varieties like green tea with lemon or cranberry.
    • Ditch the red meat. Red meat to endometriosis and pcos victims is well proven to be a pain manufacturer, it releases the bad prostaglandins which could cause cramping, pain and inflammation. There are other less toxic ways to get iron in your body.
    • Yoga. I’m not a big fan of exercise generally but know how great it is for my health and especially in pre pregnancy, so I’ve discovered that yoga is most appropriate for me. It’s a fantastic relaxer and the consequences of a healthy mind have a huge influence on the reproductive system.
    • Supplements, those I mentioned previously are working for me. I’ve tried quite a few and found these to be the best.  These tiny green pills are a super food and have really calmed my gut and total digestive system greatly.
    • Noni Juice, a natural fruit containing 20 amino acids and bromelain. Bromelain is a natural anti inflammatory and reduces swelling and pain, just like all these hints they take time to work, so don’t hesitate, stay with it and in a couple of months you will reap the rewards.