Every emotion triggers a chemical. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt, ambition, anger, joy, pain and pleasure. All 3600 emotions trigger 3600 compound combinations. So you may see, what we eat is just a portion of the narrative of health.

Health vs Hate

There I was in the health food store and behold I bumped into an old friend. Their shopping basket has been overloaded with packets of everything UN. Unbleached, Unpasturized, Unchemical, Unprocessed. All it had was an N, and she could be a N UN. None. None of this, none of the…

We talked about the world and she was currently working for world peace and meditated allot. I looked her dead complexion, her sagging posture and recorded to her talk about how much the term needed her doctrine. How bad those corporate drug lords are and the list went on. Frankly, I explained, I don’t give a shit. She spat at me some obscenity and abandoned. With her basket full of “great food” but her veins full of hate.

Chemical Reaction

My Dad smoked for 70 years. He died in the end, the doctors shook their heads and blamed the smokes. My Dad almost 90 years old and had lived under worries such as the second world war. He’d drunk beer, eaten sausages registered with fat, adored butter, and had built three homes out of asbestos cement sheeting. But, the doctors all agreed, the cigarettes did it.

Telling people cigarettes are bad for them triggers a chemical reaction in the body, in front of someone smokes. They feel guilty or something as a consequence of the negative advertising. So, who’s making people ill, the cigarette company or the authorities who put disgusting images on cigarette packs. – WARNING SMOKING IS A HEALTH HAZARD>>>> well if it was not before, it’s now…

If you’re a bundle of misery, constantly complaining about your ex, and he or she, did not do so and did so, and should have done this and could have done that, you’re going to get sick. The chemicals of distress, acidify the body and kill you. That’s a truth. Nature grows things that love life, and shrinks things which don’t enjoy life. So once you love your lover, things grow (if you know what I mean – both female and male) and if you do not appreciate them, matters shrink… So we’re a part of natures development, and if we do not flow with character, and expand our variety of grateful things, we get ill.

Mass Consciousness

But we can not expand our variety of grateful things while we “fit into” societies believing as a whole. Society – mass consciousness already prescribed what you are able to appreciate and what you can not appreciate. That’s called faith. You get to have automatic responses to situations. Death means sad. Birth means happy. Cruel means hate. Kind means like. These become conditioned responses to life. But they’re totally not the reality.

In certain cultures death is great, and  birth is bad. Many men think you must be cruel to be kind and several women think kindness is love. We’re totally messed up when we believe we understand that our responses to specific situations are real. Our responses to situations are not real. Our responses are our answers and package with those answers are centuries of conditioning, memories and circumstances in cells. Goodness knows, we’re 99.999999999999999999995 incorrect in our responses. We must be…

That’s why people are unmarried. They learn that their answers are screwed up as, well see, look what happened before. They invest in being different, and bingo, today their answers are right. Wrong. Now their responses are somebody else’s.

So many women react – respond – aggressively to any kind of control by men, yet, at their core, guys are controlling. This may be confusing at first until you see the pain, over thousands of years, male management has purchased to women’s lives. If you envision the deep bitterness at a DNA level for girls, well, who can blame people for standing up against years of abuse, even if it is not a present abuse, its years of backlog. And if you really believe that by performing some sort of metaphysics weekend with a few self proclaimed religious gurus Will change that meme, good luck, what crapp… total blaba blaba.

Laws of Nature

So for me, it comes down to a confession. I don’t understand. I do know the laws of nature. That everything has two sides knocks out 90 percent of my responses to situations before they start. We are all connected and what I see is me, knocks out another 5 percent. So now I’m reacting about 5 percent of what I used to. And that last 5 percent – well that is human – we must have some challenges…

Because I know I do not understand, it means that if someone says they know, I know they do not understand, because to understand, we have to have no reactions. And they’re usually telling me that they understand, and when I say that they do not know, they do not have no response. “NO”?

Nobody knows. We do know the laws of nature. Nature can not write a book, bind it in leather, threaten you with life in hell if you don’t obey. No, nature can not send terrorists into another city to hurt people to show it’s appropriate. Nature is like me, she does not give a shit. She just seeks equilibrium. And when there is imbalance she corrects it. And when something is growing she nurtures it, and when something is not growing she nudges it (aka Tsunami, earthquake, bush fire, volcano, landslide etc) It’s a balancing act.

If we’re deluding ourselves, and we aren’t really growing (be careful not to quantify this in how smart you are) then we get nudged too. We get large nudges and small nudges. Big ones are cancers. Little ones are blisters on the toe. In any event, we grow in the border of challenge and support, and this is how character, and your sacred relationship will grow you also.

If you’re thankful for both, you are going to create a very special chemical in your body. That’s the love chemical. A virus that is contagious. Watch out. Love is catching.

So you can see, if we were to speed the probable influences on our own body chemistry, which, food, drink, emotion and lifestyle could be seen to play a significant role in health, love and heart.

If you’re in the wrong job, then you’re up against the wall. No diet or supplement will help you. But what’s the wrong job? Frankly, I think no such thing exists. I think bad self control exists. For instance if you’re a fire man and did bookkeeping type work, you would need a great deal of breaks, a run at lunch time, plenty of intensity, music and computers. If you’re an earth person all those things would cause you anxiety.

Acid Alkaline Equilibrium

If you’re in the wrong connection, then you’re up against the wall. No diet or nutritional supplement, or vitamin pill will keep you healthy. But, what’s a bad relationship? Unless you’re being decapitated each night, I guess there’s not any bad relationship, there’s only bad management. Not showing up, not protecting your sacred love home, overly stressed, poor time management – finished work, too much electronic life and not enough drama. Yes, this can kill a fantastic relationship, a fantastic relationship and a poor relationship.

Overall we can say that health is defined in the edge of acidity and alkalinity. That means if we eat acid food (red meat, mushrooms, raw garlic, tomatoes, eggplant and cebola are the most common) or beverage acid drinks (coke, sprite, beer, wine, orange and tomato juice, coffee, tea) we all need to live a lifestyle that is alkaline (relaxed, calm, secure, unemotional, in peace) and have emotions that are alkaline (nurturing, kind, generous, soft, caring, nice, etc).

In the reverse if we’re peace seekers, then we are able to have acidity in our work, such as anxiety and stress, because the calm emotions (alkaline) balance the violent work (acid).

But it’s rarely so. Peace seekers, usually go to health food stores seeking organic veggies, organic beer and organic delights. And stressed individuals are brought on by acidic things like beer, wine, red meat, fat, over exercise, driving fast cars and much more. Too much acid will kill you just as quickly as too much alkaline. Seeking peacefulness in all areas of life, a person becomes alkaline (slothful and exhausted) and seeking hyperactivity in all areas of life, a person becomes acid (nervous and forgetful).

I recommend that people eat based on their work. If they’re worried, balance it with alkaline food. If they’re idle at work, then eat acid food.


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