For years physicians have been saying the cure for cancer is”just around the corner.” Actually, they have been saying this for the past 100 years! It’s time to stop and ask why science has made no real progress in finding a remedy. What’s being done with the billions spent on research because the National Cancer Act of 1971? Why are we still having cancer walks and dances, etc.? What has been done with the money?

Can Cancer Be Cured?

In the past 40 years there has been no substantial progress on a cure for cancers in this country. Rather emphasis is still on treating symptoms with expensive radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, something which was already being done well before 1971 cancer behave. And statistics reveal that the incidence of cancer is now higher than ever.

Let’s face it, the standard cancer business is a political and fiscal creation of large business. Brutal chemotherapy is their”war on cancer,” a billion dollar business that can’t be stopped. Most physicians who attempt to stop it are threatened with censure for treating or curing cancer with the majority of natural remedies.

Natural treatments aren’t Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and never will be. Any unlicensed laymen will be prosecuted for advertising or doing any proven natural cancer treatment; which would be practicing medicine without a license. So nobody is permitted to cure cancer naturally. Why?

        • Natural, low-cost remedies work and threaten gains.
        • Pharmaceutical businesses profit greatly from therapies, not cures.

Every American who appears to mainstream propaganda ought to realize that by now!

If a new natural or inexpensive cancer therapy is publicized, grave warnings are issued by the cancer sector (FDA, AMA, NCI). For instance, there are medical doctors and others who have publicly discussed effective natural remedies.

The myth that cancer can not be cured, or is quite hard to cure, is tied to the war on quacks. New college-trained physicians came into prominence during the 1800s amid a land filled with”quack” folk physicians and natural remedies. The assault on quacks was, and still is, a war on any natural, inexpensive remedies that cut into the income of the college-trained physician. In the billion dollar cancer industry, cancer can be treated, but not treated. Naturopaths and many others who offer”unconventional” remedies are bad for business and medicine is big business.

See, most people have become so brainwashed they are not able to think independently. They have lost their capacity to think — to think clearly and with no anger or emotion or preconceived concepts. They can’t believe that is it possible that many cancers are easily curable.

They can not believe that the cancer sector ignores alternative low-cost cancer treatments. They say it is complete nonsense. They state that if a cure were found it would be very rewarding to the pharmaceutical company, and therefore there are no hidden agendas to maintain a cure from us.

Here is some simple logic to start you thinking about the cancer market. Of class, useful logic is dependent upon truthful observations and assumptions. You decide what’s true below.

Expenses are large

Premise: Pharmaceutical companies spend millions to test, manufacture and market their drugs. Typically this runs into hundreds of millions.

Profits are much larger

Premise: Pharmaceutical companies normally markup their merchandise from 2000percent to 500,000percent and anticipate these immense profits since they have unique, patented products approved by the FDA and AMA.

Premise: Over the length of the treatment, many patients incur a cost of a couple hundred million dollars, or more.

Profits are guarded and defended

Premise: Many thousands are employed in, or associated with, the cancer sector (the FDA, AMA, healthcare providers, ACS, NCI, drug companies, pharmacists, etc.). The CEOs and employees do not ever expect to have their paychecks decreased. (e.g. Pfizer, Inc. Alone has 114,000 employees earning 48 billion grossprofit, with 8 billion net profits.)

Premise: Many countless are funneled to protect drug company profits.

The root cause is never addressed

Premise: The various traditional treatments for cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery, etc.) do nothing to treat cancer because they address symptoms only. The root cause isn’t a key concern.

Premise: Tumor reduction or elimination is the principal focus of the cancer market.

Natural remedies have been reported to cure cancer

Premise: Natural remedies for disease already exist and are publicly available in nature. Hence, they aren’t patentable property of any individual or business.

Premise: Some natural plants and chemicals are found and proven to alleviate or remove certain bodily maladies, including cancer, but at a much lower selling price. (Aloe vera, aspirin, garlic, vitamin C, sodium chlorite, etc.)


Therefore, there might be potential natural, low-cost remedies for cancer which, if found and made public could crush the profit foundation of the present multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

After doing some research, you can add this: There are obviously and have been for several years natural cancer treatments. Start reading now. Once you educate yourself, you will know this to be a truth.

Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the men and women who support them.

In any company, data is guarded. Competition is assaulted. Marketing targets profits, not people. So to your health’s sake, do some research. There are lots of medical books in your library under the Dewey segment 610 (and 610 of the library Reference area.)

There are many dozens of books that explain why cancer can not be cured. Many written by medical doctors, scientists, ex-cancer industry insiders, and former healthcare employees.